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    Hey everyone,

    My fiance and I are getting married in June and are hoping to take a honeymoon to a couples resort! We are just having the hardest time deciding on which resort would be the best. It seems that one has something we really want, but not another thing; while another has that second thing, doesnt have the first thing, but has another great get the idea.

    Here is the deal, we are in our mid-twenties and just want to take a honeymoon where we can relax, enjoy hanging out with eachother, and experience a nice, romantic honeymoon! We like the inroom dining of Sans Souci, but are not the biggest fans of the actual rooms. I really like the Jamaican feel of the rooms in Couples Negril, but we wouldnt be able to do the inroom dining. Is room service available, however, at each resort? Has anyone ever ordered room service, and if so, how was your experience? I dont know, we just cant decide between all of the options! Any suggestions???

    Thanks for your ideas!


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    CN does have in-room dining if you are staying in a garden or ocean suite. You do have to order the day before, but they do have it.

    We have not ever ordered it, as we stay in a garden room (would rather stay an extra day or two) but we have had friends who had in-room dining and they loved it.

    If you are looking for a great beach and a great pool then I would say CN. Of course I am bias, it is our favorite.

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    My wife and I had our weddingmoon at CSS in 2009. I would recomend you to stay at CSS. It was very romantic and the scenery was beautiful. Staff made you feel like you were special. We did use inroom service for breakfast and it was wonderful. Plenty to eat. We stayed in an beachfront suite in A block. Room was always clean. All I can say is dont get to hung up on rooms, honestly you wont be in them that much as there is always somewhere to relax on the resort. There is alot of hiding areas where on can go sit and relax. Of course with the pools, beach and the water floats these are also good places to relax with you spouse.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Why not do the secret rendesvous and have the decision of where you go made for you. You get a surprise and save money. Other than that you have to decide what's most important to you. I can tell you that when we were at CSS we did not have room service dinner, just snacks and breakfast. You do not miss it at the other resorts. It's nice to get dressed up to go to dinner. We have done three of the four resorts and will go to the fourth this year.

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    As long as you choose Couples, youwill be fine. In fact, each Couples Resort will give you everything you want.

    Let me clarify......
    While in room dining, nightlife, beach sie, activities, etc all play a part in each of our decisions, I PROMISE, once you get there, the two of you will be so overwhlemed with the whole experience, you will forget why you chose that particular resort. We have been to Negril and CTI on multiple occasions and while they are so different from each other, they are still the same. COnfusing, huh????

    All I am saying is this, you have already made a great decision in choosing Couples. Past that, you can't go wrong.

    Now, if you want my advice, go to CTI. It has an old world charm and elegance about it that is truly amazizng. The spa is top notch and there are plenty of private and romantic spots that you can find. We have returned there four of the last five years (one year closed for remodel).

    What ever you decide, go and enjoy!!!!!! Congrats to the both of you and good luck!!

    One Love,
    Peace, Love, and Respect
    CN 2002, COR 2007, CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CTI June 4-15, 2012

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    Congrats to you guys!!

    We've been to CN 7 times and CTI once. Both resorts are amazing and you can't go wrong with Couples. CTI had more of a hotel feel to it. The beach is smaller and rockier but it is private and thats a huge plus!!

    CN has the soft white sand you think of when you think of Jamaica. Its more spread out but if you want the long walk on the beach CN is the place to go. I thought the snorkeling and scuba were better at CN also. I also thought the food was better at CN.

    Good luck deciding

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    Couples Negril does offer in-suite dining if you do book a suite. Other than that, the only option for room service is CSS.
    They all offer continental breakfast in the morning which is a very nice way to start the day. As far as the rooms at CSS go, check the prices on a Penthouse. Just before posting this, I checked the web site of the travel agent I use. For the first week of June, the price difference between a Deluxe Ocean (I think this is the least expensive catagory)and a Penthouse is $222 more for 7 nights. That's less than $32 a night.
    Having been to CN, CSA and CSS, my wife and I both think that CSS is the most romantic of the 3. The numerous paths and lush grounds make walking around seem like you are the only ones there. We ordered room service a couple of times for dinner each of our 2 trips to CSS. The food was fantastic but, to be quite honest, I could have been eating a Big Mac and been in heaven on those balconies with that view. It's very romantic and probably will be very memorable, it has been for us. Congradulations on your upcoming wedding and good luck with deciding which Couples resort to choose. Whichever one you choose will be great.

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    Hi Katie,

    I haven't been yet, but my fiance and I decided on CTI (we're getting married and honeymooning there in April) We can have breakfast in the room, the rooms look nice, but most of all, I love that it's the original Couples resort, and has a private beach, and private au naturel island. After reading these message boards, we're pretty excited about meeting friends for life in between enjoying each others' company.

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    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! You can't get more romantic than CSS! While the rooms are not as colorful as at CN the service is great and the in-room dining is fabulous. All Couples resorts offer breakfast in your room but only CSS offers in-room dining. Now we're probably a little partial since we weddingmooned there but we've been to the other Couples resorts and have found that, in our opinion, the most romantic were CSS and CSA. We stayed in a one bedroom ocean suite at CSS and loved the view from our balcony. I suppose the best thing to do is look at the pictures, see what each resort offers then figure out which visually attracts you and has the things to offer that will make your honeymoon special. The big thing to remember is that you can't go wrong with a Couples resort.

    Enjoy your honeymoon,

    Bart & Bug

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    If you get a suite at CN you can order dinner in your room one night. Otherwise, CSS is the only resort that offers in suite dinning anytime during the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). All resorts offer a continental breakfast room service.

    As for the rooms, I really wouldn't base my entire decision on the rooms. You will be in them less than you think and when you are there you will either be getting ready for dinner or sleeping. I would base my decision more on other options like the beach or the included excursions.

    All resorts have fabulous food and great staff. After having been to all four resorts CSS is the most romantic in our opinion and we love that resort, but we also love CN for how compact it is and the fabulous beach.

    With either choice you can't go wrong.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    CSS is the only Couples with full room service. The other Couples resorts offer continental room service. You can however, go to the buffets and get your meal and take it back to your room. At least at CTI you can.

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    My advice to everyone is always to keep pouring over each individual resorts web page and see which one ends up calling to you. Ultimately ignore the fact that they are all Couples, treat them as individual resorts as they are all so different. Initially the idea of the in room dining at CSS appealed to me as well but the resort itself didn't and I ended up letting the idea go and we chose CSA. We didn't even give the in room dining a second thought as we'd chosen the resort that really appealed to us most in every other way. And if we'd really wanted to eat in our room I'm sure we could have just ordered something say from the more casual places and taken it to our room. Seriously though, it won't be a deal breaker if everything else about a resort is what you are looking for.

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    Katie, At CSA you can have breakfast brought to you in the am, which is nice depending on what room you get. Its great! I liked CSA due to it was like you could be just the two of you or you could meet couples while you were there. We always get the rooms without TV cause we like to really enjoy being " together" I also like CSA because the beach is bigger so you can walk longer and talk. What day you getting married? We are too, at couples so excited.

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    Thank you so much, everyone!! I really appreciate all of the responses!

    We went ahead and booked a room at Couples Negril for June!

    If you have any suggestions for Couples Negril, feel free to send them our way.


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