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    Default CTI Pier/Dock Update

    We just returned from CTI last Wednesday and I planned on posting the updates and picture sooner but things got busy at home.

    After speaking to several guests and staff I concluded the Island was closed for at least 10 days but probably more like 14 days.

    It was “opened” on Thursday – Dec 30th
    The next 3 days we had no bartender and 2 days with no water
    They did bring out a cooler with drinks – with no opener (thankfully we had someone with a lighter that knew how to open bottles)

    As of Tuesday, Jan 4 - 90% of the planks were in place
    Wednesday they were going to finish all planks and the ladder was going on.
    Wednesday was also going to be the unofficial christening (bummed we had to miss it)
    We were told by the construction guys it would be another week to build the railings

    This picture was taken on Dec 30

    It is going to be a great dock once it is completed!
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