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    Default Invites for Reception at Home

    We are getting married on July 9 and having an "Adults Only" reception at home on July 29th....anyone out there have any advice on wording for invites? Thanks so much!!!!!!

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    I am getting married July 8 and having at home reception Aug 13! I am using Vista Print to do my invites, all you do is go to there website join and the emails start coming and you can get alot of stuff for free just pay the shipping. We are having a small reception at our house so the guest limit cannot go past 40, and thats pushing it.

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    I'm getting married June 4th at CN and having a reception at home June 25th. I found a website ( that lets you do custom wording and has suggestions for this type of scenario. Mine will say "Holly and Jonathon will be united in marriage on June fourth, blah, blah, blah. Please join them as they celebrate their vows on June 25th blah, blah blah!" =)
    If you have any other questions, just email me at!

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    Janelle Brooke Alan
    Ronald Steven Knight
    are joining hearts and
    getting married
    on the tranquil shores
    of Cancun
    November 14th of 2014
    Please join them for a
    wedding celebration
    November 29th of 2014
    at 6:00 p.m.
    Wander Creek Spa
    Rochester, New York

    Hosted by the bride's parents,
    Jack and Phyllis Alan
    & by the groom's parents,
    Rick and Joan Knight

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    Instead of putting the wording on the invitation that it is adults only, perhaps you just include a slip of paper stating for children to be left at home.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coloradojuli View Post
    Instead of putting the wording on the invitation that it is adults only, perhaps you just include a slip of paper stating for children to be left at home.
    I'm always shocked when people bring their uninvited children along. The invitation is only extended to those to whom it is addressed. If the invitation isn't address to "Mr. and Mrs. Smith and family" or "and children," then the children are not invited. It's unfortunate that you have to do something more to say, "Really, your kids aren't invited; don't bring them along."

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    I didn't include anything saying or implying no children. (I have no kids either, my 2 dogs fill in just fine) I just let couples site do that for me

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    I think that you don't have to specify no children on the invite. It's implied when you only address it to " Mr and Mrs..." I thought everyone knew that?

    We're having a very informal post wedding celebration dinner when we return, so I'm going to send an email to everyone the day before we leave officially inviting and sharing our plans.

    People have already been asking what we're doing when we come back, when we tell them, we mentioned no children that way. Good luck to you.

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