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    Default Resort Videographer

    Does anyone know if we can bring music for the resort videographer to pair with the video? Or I guess I should say if we need it?

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    I got married at CSS, the videographer was Lee. I did not bring any music and the video is beautiful. But you can bring music if you have something specific that you would like to have on your vid.

    -Mrs. Dow

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    yes they say bring a cd but we brought our ipod and they took it for a few days and put the songs on. just be sure to make a playlist of the songs you want and try to put them in the order that you want them.

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    We brought a CD with 5 song choices on it as follows:

    1) Song to walk down aisle
    2) Song to walk off to
    3) Song to sign papers to
    4) Song to dance to
    5) Song while cutting cake, etc.

    Then they played a few extra songs while we ate our cake, which were just fine.

    We had a DVD made and much to our surprise, it had all of our music choices on it except for when we spoke our vows (that was the only time there was any speaking or lack of music). It was perfect!

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    Miasma...any chance you have your video online that you could share?

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    Sorry Kelcan...I don't have it posted and it is quite long (approx 20 min)....BUT I am certain you will be pleased with it. Like I mentioned, it is all of your song choices throughout the video accept for the minister & your vows. The editing of when you walk out, signing the papers, first dance & champagne/cake is all set to your music selections. It is very tasteful. They will set up a time with you for the next day to view it in case you have any concerns or want to edit something. It is a very nice keepsake to have and I tear up when I watch it. Friends & family have as well! Go for it!

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