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    Default PADI Nitrox course at CN

    We need to do our PADI Nitrox course. Does CN offer this course as we are there next month. PADI don't require nitrox dives so we are just looking to do the paperwork certification. Can I have a price on that for two people.
    Thank you
    Ian and Vanda

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    You may be able to do it at
    Check it out, my S/O is doing his open water "book" portion at home now before we go to CSS in Feb, then he will just do his pool work and check out dives once there.

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    None of the Couples resort offer Nitrox.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Im almost sure Swept Away does offer Nitrox. CN does not.
    Sorry I cannot answer the other 1/2 of your question.

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    CSA does offer Nitrox. I took a class at home before our April 2010 trip to CSA hoping to dive Nitrox. Unfortunatly, it wasn't up and running when we arrived. The divemasters showed Ken what they did have, they were just waiting for the rest of it. I did get to use it in June 2010 when we went diving off the coast of Wilmington, North Carolina. I noticed a big differnce in the way I felt after diving - a lot less fatigue. I would suggest taking the class at your local dive shop before your trip. It only takes a few hours.

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    CSA offers Nitrox.
    Its $200.00 for the certification which includes two dives, then its $10.00 to rent the tanks, for fills between 32% -40%

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