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    We're looking at bringing our Ipad to do our internet and skype with, just wondering how large are the safes at CSA and CSS and if anyone knows if they'd fit in there?

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    I haven't been but from reading the message board folk take along their laptops so I think it would fit in fine.

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    if would def fit. you could prob store 4 or 5 ipads in there.

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    When we were at CSA in November, we started off in an old garden suite. The safe was small and you needed a key to get in. We were then moved to an Atrium suite, and it had a larger newer safe, the kind you program. I have a 13 1/2 computer and it fit into the Atruim safe perfectly. I can't comment on CSS.

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    On another thread someone gave the exact dimensions, maybe they'll post it here also. I compare them to the average hotel safe. We took our lap top and never put it in the safe and it was never messed with. Also left our camera bag, camera and accessories in it, in the room several times and they came in for turn down service and it wasn't touched either. I wouldn't worry, I think you can safely leave it out in the room.

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    Haven't tried bringing a laptop to either of those resorts as they have Internet Cafe but figure a small notebook would just fit. That being the case an IPad should fit.

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    An iPad will more than fit in the safe and you will be able to put a ton of other stuff in there with it.
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    Ipad will definitely fit!

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    My lap top is 12 inches by 10 inches and it fit with room to spare at CSS.

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    We brought a very small netbook and it just fit width wise in the rather small safe at CSS. It was a bit of a challenge to get that and the SLR camera and other stuff in there. Perhaps the safes are not all the same size in all the rooms? The CTI safe was quite a bit larger.
    Although I agree that you're probably ok to leave stuff out in the room, and we did for short periods to charge, don't forget that when the room is being cleaned the doors may be left open, so anyone could pop in and take something left out. I would at least hide something not locked in the safe, so it's not so obvious. Another option is a laptop lock.

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