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    Default Beachfront Suite at CSA

    For those of you that have stayed in this type of room, could you please answer a question I have? The web site states that the ocean view might be blocked by lush vegetation, it doesn't mention anything about facing the back or side of the resort. In a past discussion on the message board someone gave the building numbers of the Beachfront Suites. Are the back of these buidings a differant room category? Also, have you booked this category of a room and not had a view of the ocean at all?. I love the look of the BFS and the fact that there isn't a TV, but I need to have a view of the ocean. Thanks for your help.

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    SIGH, well we booked a BFS two years ago and I was REALLY upset at first because on this site they give you the pic of a HUGE patio and the ocean in front. Well if you for SURREEE want an ocean in front then book the BFVS. We changed rooms because all i could see was trees, and maybe a little bit of ocean so when one of the big patios opened up that week they moved us for us, which was great but only got to spend 3 days in that room. I DOOOO love the rooms but its by luck you get the ones with the big patio's on it. If you do you will be amazed.

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    BFS buildings have either 3 or 4 rooms per building. 2 rooms will face the ocean while the other(s) face the resort with a view of the ocean and smaller balcony. We were blessed with a 2nd floor suite and wrap-around balcony that faced the ocean and loved it. Not sure we'd like a BFS that didn't but guess we'd have to spend more time on the beach.

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