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    Default Beachfront Verandah Suites at CSA pictures

    Hello vacationers, we are headed to CSA on March 19th for the first time for our honeymoon, and i was wondering if anyone had pictures from there in from one of the BFVSuites so i could see what they look like from the front and maybe from inside. We dont know what floor we want yet, first or third. Is there a building that is better then others maybe quieter or closer or whatever? I appreciate all your time and hopefully someone has some pictures they can share with me. My email is
    thank you.

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    Sent you an email! BFVS are amazing......first floor is the way to go!

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    If you look in my profile, I have an album with pictures. We love the BFVS.

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    Default Here are some pics

    This is from our trip in September. We were in room 3117, BFV room blocks are 4 across and 3 floors. We were on the end of the block nearest the watersports hut.

    The room was great except the tub drained a little slowly, probably due to sand since it's so fine. We spent more time on the patio than in the room.

    Our block was totally awesome and a couple nights it was like an episode of Hollywood Squares with everyone on their balconies talking.

    Enjoy and Safe Travels!
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    Thank you for the emails and posts, great pictures. I think we are deffinetly going to request a first level corner room when we get there and hopefully they have one available. Sooooo looking forward to our first time getting there. We cant wait.

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