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    I have been to CSA and loved it especially the beach, but I am considering doing the secret rendezvous, and realize that I may get the other side of the island. Some people say the main beach at CSS is slimy and mucky (bottom), while others say it is not. What is the bottom like at CTI? I realize they are smaller beaches and nothing like CSA or CN, but Ilove to float around in the water. I love the floaties, but have also heard that there is not as many floaties as chairs at CSS. Can someone that has been to the other side of the Island, please comment on the beaches at both places.

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    There is always some information on the board that is a little off center. Sometimes it's because of some one's interpretation or perception. In any case, here is how I see it.
    The beach at CTI is all sand on the bottom. Yes, here and there are some smooth rocks, but nothing that should bother anyone.
    The beach at CSS, on the other hand, has lots of smaller and medium stones that makes getting into the water a little tricky. Some people bring water shoes which takes care of the problem. I guess that there may be a very small amount of "slime" on some of the rocks. Not a big deal.
    As to the floaties. Once in a while, if there are really a lot of people at CSS, floaties may be scarce. If this occurs, let someone know about it and they can bring some floaties over from the main beach. Usually this is not a problem.
    Again, this information is my perception and is subject to a challenge from other guests that have been there.


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    I agree with your review and have been to both resorts.
    Irie Mon

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    Ditto to what Richie says - but I will add that the water is shallower at CSS compared to CTI.

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    Just back from both CTI and CSS.
    The CTI beach is quite small right now. (I heard the size varies from time to time). We were there over NY so the resort was at capacity. People coming to the beach later did have some trouble finding chairs and floaties, and the beach was already pretty packed with chairs.
    We even witnessed a young couple stealing floaties from another couple's chairs while they were gone. Then some friends of theirs came along and they told them the chairs were unoccupied, despite the towels! So they took them. Sure enough the original couple came back to find their chairs taken... and of course the couple who stole the floaties then told their friends the chairs were vacant looked the other way while their friend apologized and offered the chairs back. No class. I told the couple what actually happened. But... Couples staff to the rescue. He quickly found the original couple some new chairs, set them up where they wanted close by, and serached out a floatie. We still could not believe the nerve of the chair/floatie thieves.
    In the water we didn't notice any rocks (but we didn't go in much due to poor weather). While I was waiting for the nurse there was a young lady in there who had cut her foot on a rock. So be careful or wear water shoes.
    The CSS beach is much larger and we never had a problem getting chairs or floaties at any time. It didn't feel nearly so crowded. We liked it much, much better. The water is very shallow, so it's hard to swim, but it's great for floating. There is some sea grass, and the odd urchin, so again, be careful or wear water shoes. Some guy did come hopping out of the water after stepping on an urchin. It didn't help that one morning a fisherman decided to drag his net through the bay and swimming area and dragged a few urchins right to shore.
    We love all the Couples resorts we've been to (so far 3 out of 4) but hands down the CSA beach has been the nicest for us as far as sand, size, and bottom quality in the water. Go and try the other side and love them for what they offer, but do not expect the same beaches as CSA or you will be disappointed for sure.

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    P.S. I should add that while we were at CTI the island was closed most of the time due to weather and/or dock repair. Therefore there was probably more people on the beach than usual (although some did go over to SSB at CSS)
    Another thing to note about CTI... since it faces North, the sun is blocked by the buildings by around 3pm. Same problem with the pools. It's great resort for people seeking shade. There's a small section of beach close to the water that gets a bit more sun, but people learn this and it is taken first thing in the morning. Tower Isle gets sun longer.

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