Hi all!

Me and my fiance are planning on getting married in Jamaica. We're planning our trip for September 2011. Couple of our friends are coming with us.
We're not from the U.S., we're from EU so it's going to be a looong, an almost 10hour trip, and from the looks of it it should be very well worth it, since it's our first trip to Jamaica.
Anyways, I'm looking at different places trying to find the deal that suits us and another couple that's coming with us. What we're looking for is some thing where we'd make a payment once (all inclusive) and not bother carrying our wallets around the hotel. Of course we need the wedding ceremony included and so on... I guess what I wanted to know is how's every thing happening at couples resort. What about those "amazing inclusions" deals? Are they some thing worth looking at or there's some kind scam hiding behind these ridiculously low prices? Oh yea, when I tried to book a deal it didn't show those "amazing inclusions".
That's it for now. Thanks in advance for your feedback.