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    Default NFL games at CTI?

    My husband and I are visting CTI Jan 14-18th. He is a huge Steelers fan. Will there be anywhere for him to watch the game Saturday?

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    Default Steelers

    Hey to answer your question. We have been to Tower Isle 4 times since 2006 during jan or feb. Everyone wants watch the games it seems like. We actually watched the Super Bowl there one year. There is a T.V. in the game room that you should be able to watch the game on. If needed call the resort and ask. DA' BEARS!!

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    At worst he will be able to watch it from your room.

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    Default NFL games

    We were there last year,and they set up a TV in the exercise room. I'd suggest you let anyone on staff know you want to watch the game, and they will arrange it.(or at least tell you who to talk to) Hint:The bell hops are great at getting this arranged,Thank Captain Kirk for helping us see the Packer game!

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    Think that works the same for NHL? My boyfriend and I are huge Canuck fas and I'm bringing some Canucks gear to wear while down there, mostly tees and stuff to sleep in, so I'd love to watch my boys play with an umbrella drink in my hand.

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