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    Default CN Golf Shuttle?

    Please share info you may have about Golfing at CN.

    I see that the shuttle leaves at like 8AM and 1PM. When does it come back?
    If you go on the 8AM shuttle and only play 9 holes do you need to pay a taxi to get back?
    If you play 18 does the shuttle wait until all CN Golfers are finished before coming back?
    Is the Shuttle shared with CSA (meaning you stop there both ways between CN and Negril Hills?)

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    It is more of a bus then a shuttle, or at least it was when I took it. Was a longer ride then I was expecting, probably 20 minutes, and by the time I got to the course, got equipment, I had nothing with me so I rented or bought everything I needed, and got onto the course I had about 2 1/2 - 3 hours to play before I had to be back on the bus. I took the 1pm and it was going to pick me up at 4:30pm to go back to the resort.

    I play fast anyway and there was only a group 5 holes ahead. Had to wait on only one hole, 18th, and I think that was the only group on the course besides me. Also had to wait on the 18th, second shot, for a wedding party that was taking pictures.

    Finished the round, walked out of the shop and onto the bus.

    My free golf ending up costing me, $107. Cart, Caddy, Golf Balls, Golf Tee's, Tip, Beverage at the turn for me and my Caddy, Clubs and a beverage and candy bar to go out with. Oh, and I tipped the shuttle driver also, which I forgot to add in. Not complaining, just warning you.

    Nice course, hilly, saw goats (imagine that) on the course, a mongoose, and some other local creatures. Had a wonderful time, shot a 94 which I was happy with since I had not played for 4 months and the rental clubs looked like they had been used for construction, a woman caddy first caddy I had ever had and a must in Jamaica, lost 2 golf balls out of the 3 I had purchased (used balls were $1 a piece) and even though I played fast, I really did enjoy it. I have not been back as I only wanted to do it once, and if I could I would rather play a different course the next time. Do not expect a fancy American type resort Course, expect a maintained municipal course type environment.

    Hope this helps, enjoy it for what it is, have fun and remember the score is not always as important as the fun factor.

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