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    Default CTI May 2011 Roll Call !

    Hey everyone!! We are arriving April 30th for one week with a wedding party of 12 from Ontario Canada at CTI. I didn't see any prior threads so thought I would start one up. Who else is coming in May???

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    We're coming from Iowa, May 2-9 for our honeymoon!

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    Yayyyy Iowa!! Congrats! We will see you there! The wedding is my Mom's and it will be on Tuesday afternoon! I am sure you won't be able to miss our gang!

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    There is a whole section called meeting up at Couples Tower Island. Maybe you will find others coming in may on those threads.

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    My husband and I will be there from 4/30-5/7 too. Coming down from Syracuse, NY. See you there!

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    You should head over to the 'Meet up at Couples' thread. There might already be threads started there.

    The link is at the top of this page just under the photos.
    Juliann & Jeff
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