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    I am so excited! We just booked our honeymoon for April 2011. We have never been to an all inclusive resort and have never been to Jamaica! After researching and reading a million reviews over the past week, I thought CSA was the perfect choice. Now April just needs to hurry up and get here!

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    This will be my first time to Couples and Jamaica but we've done a few all-inclusives at other islands and we love them. From reading these boards it seems we wont' be disappointed with Couples either!

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    Welcome to the Couples family. Congrats on the nuptials and you will have a WONDERFUL honeymoon. Enjoy and I hope you have MANY, MANY happy years together.

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    When will you be there? We're planning our trip for April as well but haven't pinned down the dates. You're going to love it. This will be our second visit and I can't wait to "go home" to CSA!

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    Maybe we'll see you there. We will be there April. 20-27. You will love CSA!!

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    We just booked our trip to CTI over Easter for our 15th annerversary. Thank-you all it was your posts that helped us decide. I have a question, our plane lands very early and we will be to the resort well before check in. Can we book a spa day before we arrive and spend some time there prior to getting our room. After spending the night on a plane I think this would be a good start for our time together.

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    Jenna - congratulations on your wedding and choosing CSA for your honeymoon! You can be as active or as relaxed as you want at CSA. The activities directors aren't constantly running around trying to get you to play volleyball or weave baskets (although those options are certainly available). As long as you are not expecting lots of gold and marble in your room, you will be fine. The beach is spectacular and so romantic - just perfect for long, romantic walks with your hubby.

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    Default We're newbies too!

    We will also be at CSA in April for our "weddingmoon"
    The pictures and reviews look so amazing! I am looking forward to a great time! We'll be there the 21-28. Our wedding is on the 26th at 10 am. Congrats and maybe we will see you there!

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