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    Default 500 resort credit and excursions

    I am going to CSS in April and I reserved my room during the promotion for the 500.00 resort credit. And lately there seems to be alot of confusion. So I was wondering has anyone that has recieved the 500 resort credit and gone on vacation already use their credit towards any excursions?

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    We just got back and used the $500 resort credit. It is my understanding that you cannot use them for outside exursions, as these are not part of the resort. We used the credit in the gift shop, spa, and towards upgraded wine and champagne of New Year's Eve. The spa is your best bet, otherwise it's tough (we found) to spend that much on a resort that includes so much already!

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    We head to CSS in 2 weeks and also have the $500 credit for 2011. Did you hear of anyone using for:
    -extra scuba dives, or certification
    -buying resort pictures.
    Thanks so much

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