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    Default CSA in room amenities

    During our last visit to CSA individual bottles of aloe, lotion and shampoo were provided. Through reading this board I know that these are now dispensers in the room, I was wondering if Aloe is provided in a dispenser or do they still provide the bottle or should I bring my own? (for CSA)

    thanks alot

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    They still have aloe in the room. The only dispensers are for shampoo and soap on the wall in the shower.

    Have fun and safe travels!

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    There was some on a bottle in our room in Oct but I am not sure if that was because they still had leftovers or if they are keeping it that way. I did not see another dispenser. I like to have it in a bottle so I can put it in my beach bag.

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    There WAS a small bottle of aloe. I used it once but it smelled heavily of rubbing alcohol, so I didn't use it again. My aloe at home doesn't smell of anything but aloe and worked much better than the stuff at CSA.

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    When we were there in November we started off in an old garden suite (2 days later we were moved), and everything was in little bottles. We then moved to a Atrium suite and the shampoo and body cream were in dispensers. The aloe was in a small bottle of its own in both rooms.

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    When we were at CSA in October and in a BFVS everything except the aloe was in the larger dispenser type bottles. The aloe was still in small bottles, it was sitting on the sink in the bathroom.

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