The 17th (I think) annual staff party will be held at CTI on Feb 16th from approximately 4:30pm until 7:00pm. Cynthia and I were at CTI over New Years and confirmed the date with management. Remember to bring whatever you'd like to contribute to the employee raffle. The staff is looking foward to the party. They all just want to get "goog tickets" this year. Despite the fact that we raffle off about 200 items each year nobody sems to remember winning anything......All in good fun!!!!

For those of you who mwy be at CTI for Valentines week and don't know anything about this, a brief explanation follows. The Islanders are a group of long time repeat guests at CTI who like to go to TI. We have a party for the staff where we serve them light snacks, beer, soda etc. and we have this raffle where we give away anythig from baseball caps, DVD's, kids clothes, cosmetics, to Dvd players. It's become our little way of showing our appreciation for the staff. It's very informal and a lot of fun for the staff and us. Management tells us we get more of the staff to show up at our party than they get to attend staff meetings.

Any and all guests are welcome to attend, help out, and bring presents.

See you valentines week.

Fred and Cynthia