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    Well just thought I would share...

    Since we have still a long ways to go before our fourth trip to Jamaica and we need something to control the cravings, we will be seeing The Wailers live this weekend. I guess thats one of the good things about living in Vegas. It's an outdoor concert on a beach and should be a blast.

    Won't quite be Jamaica, but I'm sure it will be an awesome show that will bring back great memories. The event is even sponsored by Red Stripe! Now all we need is some jerk chicken and it will be like home.

    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    Very nice. We went backstage at Ziggy a few weeks back and had a blast.

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    unlv - get ready for a great show. we saw them last february at the stone pony in asbury nj. The place was packed the music the crowd the vibe were all incredible. the band had a new lead singer, A latin looking dude and he was great. They played well over 2 hours ...enjoy the show

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    AWESOME! I'm jealous - have a great time.
    Shari & James
    Members of the 4 for 4 club

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    I think that they were here last weekend on Peoria's Riverfront. I didn't go but wish I coould have! Have fun!!

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    Great show. I saw the Wailers here in Omaha last week. I also saw Damian Marley a few weeks ago and that was a GREAT SHOW! It's just a taste of the island until we can get back there in June.

    Kristin and Brian

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    I can't wait... hows their lead singer? I know its not Bob, but do they do alot of fimiliar songs?
    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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    Default Ultimate Wailers Experience...

    For my 30th B-day this past June my wife brought be down to CSA for 5 days. then we flew home and were picked up in an RV by all of our friends then went to north Florida (from Tampa) to the Wanee Music Festival where The Wailers played the "Exodus" Album in order and in it's entirety, it was a late night set in a natural amphitheater. One of the best shows I have seen from The Wailers, which are not really the band Bob played with "Familyman" being the only original member.. Elan, the lead singer is not even from Jamaica! But the music is solid and helps the music live on, the fest had about 20-25 other bands over 3 days and was a fantastic experience! The Allman Bros. played 2 nights in a row which is another high point but for me especially at that time with Jamaica still flowing through my veins that Wailers show will always be on of my favorite shows of all time!

    You will have a blast, almost every time I have seen them it has been outside and I think that is the only way, especially at a beach with sand between the toes, a red stripe in hand!


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    We actually had an opportunity to see the Wailers at a local festival this past April in Sandestin(NW Florida)..but we had something else planned....our trip to Sans Souci!!! We tried not to be too bummed out

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    The concert was great! The lead singer was Jamaican and sounded just like Bob. Of course there is only one Bob, but he did very well with his songs. Someone one this thread mentioned that the lead singer was Latin but all the members appeared to be Jamaican.

    They played on a stage above a huge pool with sand so we went into the pool to our knees and watched the concert. We had a floating bucket filled with cold Red Stripe.

    Was a great night, a little bit crowded but sill a fun evening!
    CSA Junkie! Next trip -- November 28th!

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