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    Default spa pools and hot tubs

    Hello everyone. Got back from CTI in November 2010 and loved it. no water sports were going on, island was shut down the whole week but we had a blast. What we really enjoyed was the Buddha pool and hot tubs in the spa are open at night for anyone to use. We met a great couple down there and spent most of our time together. It was nice to be able to head over to the spa area and enjoy the night Au Natural with some friends. So my question is....Can you use the spa area or hot tubs at night Au Natural?.

    Thanks everyone.

    We will see you at the end of March. resort TBD

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    At another time, Randy has posted that there is to be no nudity at the Buddah Pool or the spa hot tubs at any time. I am sure that this to be respectful of others who may want to use the facilities also.

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    Sounds like you already used them for this purpose so are you trying to get forgiveness instead of permission? just kidding,

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    oops. respects for next time. highlight of the trip though. So let me ask then. We are heading to CSS in March, are you able to use the hot tub/pool on SSB at night. I know SSB opens up to the clothed after 5 for the sunset gathering, but what about heading down late with some friends or just with your loved one. can you swim au natural/hot tub au natural?

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    We did, lots of times. It was really nice grabbing a drink at the bar (plastic cup) and going over for a soak and watching the stars.

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    Yes you can at SSB.... the only thing is there is no lifeguard... haha

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    ssb is open to all after 5pm but that doesn't mean you have to be dressed, the pool and hot tub are available 24/7

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    We were able to have a picture of drinks made at the bar and it was over to us at the SSB hot tub. Need to have bartender want to help. We had several couples together and we pleaded for the service.

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    Thanks everyone, you just brought my excitment level up another notch lol. That is great news, im sure we will really enjoy it. Any other SSB or CSS tips would be great.

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