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    Default CSS Room choice - Help?

    Choices for our 13th anniversary between...?
    1) Deluxe Ocean Verandah (or)
    2) One BR Beachfront Suite
    Thoughts? and I noticed different Blocks noted for each, but site doesn't identify their actual location?

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    Deluxe ocean are all over the resort. BF suite are in buildings A and B which is on the main lawn.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Between these two choices, the other main difference is the BF Suite has an additional separate room, with sofa and TV versus the Deluxe ocean will have one spacious bedroom area with a chair. It depends on how much space you think you will want and how important it is to you to be extra close to the beach.

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    We just came back from CSS and stayed in a deluxe ocean verandah. We were in G block up at the very top of the resort, on the top floor. It was a lot of stairs and a long way down to the beach, but we sure loved the sweeping panoramic view from way up there. We could see some of the resort as well as the mineral pool, elevator and entire bay. We had an enormous verandah with a table and 4 chairs, lounger and side table, sofa and coffee table. In the morning we watched the cruise ships coming in to port and fishing boats beyond the bay while we drank our coffee.
    Except for the evening entertainment sounds wafting up, it was very quiet way up there.
    The room was large, but it didn't have much for indoor seating (1 chair), which didn't matter to us with that huge verandah.
    So, it all depends on your preferences, but with the DOV, yes you could end up in one of several locations.

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    If you want to be near most of the daytime action I recommend the BF Suite. We stayed there and were on the ground floor, just a couple of weeks ago. It was perfect, close to the beach, food, drinks and entertainment. We are going back in July and plan to stay in the same.

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