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    well...leaving in less than 24 hours....woooohoooo!!!!! Does anyone know if the resort has any ice machines? I am thinking about taking a soft cooler and possibly filling it with bottles of Red Stripe for the room. If they would even give me bottles of Red Stripe.

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    I was wondering that also. Not so much for the drinks, but my husband had knee surgery and if he overdoes it, it has a tendency to swell. But icing it brings it back down and then we can keep going. I hope that we don't need it but would be nice to know if it would be available.

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    There are ice machines behind the garden suites along the side that faces the road.
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    Yes they do have ice machines. Our room had a mini bar. Never saw one bottle of Red Stripe at the resort. Only off the resort. Red Stripe and Red Stripe light on tap only. They did have Cans of Miller light and some others. Not really a bad idea as most of the canned beer was too warm for us to drink!! We did ask the bartender to put a few cans on ice for us then went back half hour later then they were cold enough for us to drink.

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    Ice is available. Not ice machines, but they fill a cooler with ice every few hours in a central location of each building. In the verandah buildings it is in the small maintenance room at the bottom of the stairs on the back side of the buildings. If you are staying in a verandah building though you will not need a cooler. There will be a small fridge that serves as the mini-bar in each room. We have used it for keeping water bottles and even fruit salad from the buffet to eat for breakfast the next day. If you are not in a verandah building the cooler idea will work, but I don't know if it is necessary. The bars are not far away and they are open late for night time imbibing. During the day you are never more than a very short walk from a cold drink.

    If this post is too late, oops. Hope you have a great trip.

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    Yes there are Ice Machines but the bars will not give you bottles of beer to carry out. If you had a mini-bar there would be beer in the fridge but it sounds like you have chosen a different room?
    You can go to the mini-mart across the street to buy Red Stripe etc.

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