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    Default Help choosing a room at CN

    For some reason my first post didnt work. Wondering if its worth it to get a suite (extra 700 or so) or if the deluxe garden rooms are just fine? Thanks

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    IMHO, if given the choice of staying extra days or having a suite, I'd choose the extra days. However, if extra days are not an option and this was a very special occasion, the suites look to be very nice.

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    Our first visit was a garden view suite. We loved the resort so much that now we stay in a garden or oceanview room and stay an extra day. Made perfect sense to us.

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    We have gotten the suites and the beachfront rooms and the gardenview rooms and we are completely happy with the gardenview rooms. We love saving the extra money and going back year after year. In fact, I have to say, the gardenview rooms are our favorite.

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    Your first post did appear on the MB, but nothing appears immediately. All new posts are reviewed by a moderator, and the MB is updated infrequently as of late.
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    We personally wouldn't spend an extra $700 for a suite at CN .... Spend an extra night or 2 or start saving for the next trip (because there will be a next trip ) .... We've never booked anything more than a gardenview room & are good with that since we are NEVER in the room long enough to care anyway .... Can't imagine hanging out in the room when that GORGEOUS beach & pool are out there calling our names .... Our last trip in September, we were upgraded because of the Romance Rewards level we are at & the slight view of the ocean/beach through the trees was nice & but I wouldn't pay extra for it.

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    I agree with all those that say you don't spend any time in your room. Before we went, I read that and wasn't sure what to think of it. My husband and I like to go back and read and play some cards at some point to relax. We do go back and read for a short time after breakfast but rarely make it back except to change for dinner. Julie is right, it IS beautiful, the beach, the pool, the people, the activities...even if you aren't participating, sometimes it is fun to just watch. But IMO, I wouldn't spend the extra for a suite either. Very little difference in views, so save for the next trip or an extra day or two.

    Good luck on your decision and have fun.

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    This is a question that can only be answered based on each persons particular situation.

    When we were at CN the last time our room was near the main road with the noise of cars. This really bugged me as we do not have any road noise at home. I would have done ANYTHING to get the heck out of that room but the resort was "full". We just kept the AC on which helped quite a bit. The noise was still awful in the entrance and bathroom.

    Anyway, since that trip, anywhere we go we have always upgraded rooms. Even though you do not spend time in the rooms after 14-15 days in a small hotel room ANY extra space becomes heaven sent...LOL

    SOOOOO, IMO, IF you can afford it go with the upgrade. Now, if this upgrade is going to keep you from another vacation then heck no. I would stay in a closet before I gave up my vacations

    No matter what room you choose you will have a wonderful time at Couples!!

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    The suites at CN have a much larger bathroom and a balcony that is twice the size of others. Unfortunately, the view is not much different since none of the buildings directly face the beach. We stayed in a suite while at CN last year; not sure if we would spend the extra money to do it again.

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    fluffin, you were probably in building 8,which is right near the road. That is our favorite building but there is road noise. I've seen others complain about it but we seem to be able to tune it out. Which just goes to show how hard it is to help others because it is such a matter of preferences....kyanddee...have fun!

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    We've stayed in both. The benefits of a suite are: (1) larger room with a sectioned "sofa" and sofa table, (2) jacuzzi tub and separate shower, (3) really large bathroom with two sinks, (4) evening hors d'hoeuvres delivered to your room, (5) your own hammock. The gardenview suites are in buildings 8 and 9 (8 is somewhat close to the road but it has never bothered us). Oceanview suites are the closest rooms to the water.

    Other than size of room and bathroom, there is NO difference in the service you receive or how you are treated on the resort.

    Whether the extra money is worth is is something only you can answer.

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    That really depends on what you want. If you want more space and a huge bathroom go with the suite, if you don't spend alot of time in the room anyway save the money and go with the GV. Our last trip we stayed in the beachfront suite for our 10 yr/anniv. The room was amazing!! Tons of space. Our friends stayed in the oceanview and they loved it. Their room was closer to the water sports hut, our suite was in building 6. If you would like to see pictures of the room and the view email me at

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