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    Default First trip to Couples Negril

    We are planning our first vacation to Jamaica (Couples Negril)on 2/26/11 Any words of advice or wisdom from those that have been there already? We are staying one week, and we am wondering what the most fun activities are. This may sound crazy, but do they have frozen coconuts? Thanks for your input!

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    HAVE FUN! Don't try to plan too much out ahead of time because once you get there, you will find you don't want to leave...island time means it is hard to work on a schedule. You will LOVE CN.

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    October was our 15th trip to Jamaica but first to a Couples are going to LOVE it! The "most fun activities" is somewhat personal preference. For us, we both have pretty demanding jobs so we really enjoy the ability to sit and do nothing. We head to the beach first thing in the morning and drag ourselves back to the room when the sun goes down and we've pretty much been in the same chairs all day except for a lunch break. Take a couple good books, stare out at that beautiful blue water and watch the world go by. If you like to be more active the resorts have activities throughout the day on the resort or you can plan some excursions for an extra cost. Don't go crazy filling up your days at this point though, wait until you get there and see what you feel like. We haven't done any of the activities in the Negril area so others will have to comment on what they know.

    They do have coconuts, did at CSA anyway, but I never saw or heard of frozen ones.

    Keep reading the message board, DO NOT look at weather reports as they will always say rain for Jamaica even if the sun is shining, and just get excited for the best trip of your life.

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    Read the FAQs; they'll provide you with a lot of information about what to pack and what to expect.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Default Thanks!

    For the info. Since you have been there so many times, is it relatively common to see topless on the beach? Or is there a private beach for topless?

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    Default What to do. Hmmm.

    The Catamaran sunset cruise(booze cruise)is a lot of fun. They took us down to the cliffs and we went swimming in a cave. Pretty cool. Only 33 more days for us. We will be there at the same time

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    Topless is allowed on the beaches at all four resorts. CN, CTI, and CSS all have areas where nude sunbathing is allowed but it is nude not topless or clothing optional. How much topless you see varies, while we were there we saw one woman and to be honest she was inappropriate about it...flaunting herself, strutting about, it was not appropriate for Couples perhaps more a Hedonism style behavior. If you choose to be topless on the beach it is allowed and no one will be offended as long as you are tasteful and respectful in your behavior.

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    we will arrive in CN in 27 days 9 hours and 23 minutes as of this typing, not that I am counting down or anything. Our third trip in 3 years and already planning on #4 in 4 years.

    Topless is allowed on the beach, and while I have noticed it I really can't tell you how common it is, and well heck, I am a guy.

    What to do is read all of the stuff that is included on their web pages both under what inclusive includes and then their sample daily offerings.

    We have a hoot at the sing along piano bar, but we are singers. I love to just sit on the beach all day, using the red flag service, and my wife likes to walk the beach a couple of times a day. The food is great, the staff is great, and you will make new friends. We met a couple from England 3 years ago who have traveled all over the world. They had never been to CN and had never gone to a place more then once. They will be meeting us for, you guessed it, the 3rd time in 3 years. They call us their New Country cousins and we call them our old country cousins and we keep in touch throughout the year.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, remember you are in the Caribbean where things move at a slower pace. Also remember it is a different country so enjoy and learn, but most of all smile and relax. You will soon grow use to the "no problem mon" for about anything you ask.

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    My best advice is very a second week as ONE is simply not enough time

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    [QUOTE=Lily;107884]For the info. Since you have been there so many times, is it relatively common to see topless on the beach? Or is there a private beach for topless

    No private beach for topless,you can be topless on all of Bloody Bay beach. My wife walks the beach every day topless and lounges topless,she is in the minority as during our trips we may have seen the most half dozen women per day on the beach by Couples topless and some others at the other resorts beaches. Occasinally one or two walking the entire beach as my wife does but she was raised in a society where topless was very common and is quite comfortable that way.

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    I'm always topless on the beach an CN and stroll from one end to the other without any issues whatsoever. The number varies by day but taking your top off encourages others to follow and you don't get tan lines! Been 4 times in last 5 years!

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