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    Default Angelo & Kristy March 21st 2011 CSA

    Hi guys! This is our 3rd trip to CSA, and this time, we're getting married! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!!! We'll be at CSA March 18th through March 27th. I wish everyone on the discussion board a lifetime of happiness!!! For those of you that this is your first trip to Couples, you made the right choice! Jamaica is gorgeous, and the Couples staff is amazing!!! :O)

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    Klmurphy-- we have a post for wedding stuff!! "Anyone else 2011 or are we just crazy" Come on down! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! YOu will have to post your beautiful photos!!!

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    Hey Kristi, i was reading that you guys were wanting to bring a cd for the music because you didnt have an ipod. If you want we are going to be there the same days as you and if you want you can email me as to what songs you want to bring with you and i can put them on my ipod and you guys can use my ipod that day to make your wedding the way you want it. it is no problem. Just letting you know if this is something that you might want to do it is totally cool!!!!

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    Default Vickie & John 3/21/11

    Hi Angelo & Kristy,
    We will be there 3/17 - 3/27/11. What day is your wedding? Ours is on the 21st at 4:00. I'd like to ask you a few you have an email link on here?
    Congratulations! Vickie

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    That is so nice of you guys, and that would be awesome! I'll send you a message when we pick our songs. We haven't even picked them yet. LOL :O) We really need to get more on the ball. I know you said you are coming to CSA on your honeymoon. When are you guys getting married? Can't wait to meet you guys!


    Our wedding is on the 21st also at 11am. Please feel free to e-mail me at I'd love to hear all about your plans.

    Have a great day guys! We're getting so close!!!

    Kristy :O)

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