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    Default CSA buildings

    We were at CSA this past September and I saved the map we received to review for future visits. We are returning in September again this year and book an atrium room so I was looking at the building locations and had a question about building 35, 36, 40 and 41. From the map and the room numbers in those buildings, it appears there is one atrium room and two beachfront rooms in each of the buildings. Is that really the case? I thought it was a little odd to mix room categories in one building and to also have only three rooms rather than four. Does anyone know or have you stayed in any of those buildings? Just curious!

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    Those are called atriums but they really aren't. They are only in the buildings with the beachfront suites that have the large balconies. There really isn't a balcony that is usable on those atriums. There is a tiny balcony (like 3-4 feet deep and not much wider than that) with a plastic looking lawn chair type thing on it. That's it. I have only seen that type of room in use one time because most people don't want those. The balcony does not face the ocean either, they are all a little different but the balcony is on the opposite side as the BFS balcony so they mostly face the garden area. If you stand in the right place and lean just right you might have an ocean view but the same can be said about half of the regular atriums. When we were in an atrium last time we asked for a second floor, they were all booked except for those and they didn't even offer that kind right away because nobody seems to want them. I think they are only used when the resort is at or near capacity.

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    Buildings 35,36,40 and 41 are all BFS. The Atriums are the 2 rows behind them, buildings 16 to 26.

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    Could you please send me a copy of that map? We are going in July and want to get familiar with the resort before we go. Thanks!

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    Default building map

    I'm looking for the map with building numbers. Could someone send it or post it. Thanks.

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    For the map, click on the tab at the top of this page for CSA, about 3/4 down the left hand side of the page click on maps and panorama. There you go.

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