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    Default Snorkeling at CSA

    Last time we had to cancel our snorkeling plans at CSA because my wife sprained her ankle the night before and I didn't wanna leave her by herself. So this time we really wanna try it. Neither of us have been before anywhere and I'd love to hear stories of how good it is. Pictures would be great.

    Do they have flippers up to size 15??

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    Bob has size 13 feet, and they have flippers for him. I can't attest to size 15, though. Do you even need flippers?

    Sorry I don't have photos, but the snorkeling is quite nice. They go to several different sites, so that you can see different things if you go out more than once. Most of the snorkeling sites are fairly shallow - no more than 15 feet. The coral itself is not spectacular, but it's OK. The variety of fish is very nice - tons of sargent majors and blue tang. We did see several stingrays last year.

    It's not Grand Cayman or Belize, but it certainly is decent snorkeling.

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    Im not expecting the most spectacular views in the world but Id love to see different fish. Where do they take you? How far away is it? How long is the trip?

    I guess I wont worry about the flippers. My natural ones may be big enough.

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    We love it, we would go everyday. We even went night snorkeling. I have some pictures on my Facebook page.

    Tammie Baker Hopkins

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    My wife and I snorkeled at CSS, CSA, and also between the Pitons in St Lucia and found the trips at CSA to be the best. They have 3 different snorkeling sites so go more than once and try the others. "Mexico" is the best one we tried with lots of fish to see. It is a very live reef they take you to and the ride there is about 10-15 minutes.

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