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    Default Alcohol in room for non Jr. Suite @ CTI

    Hi Everyone,
    first I'd like to thank everyone who posts here for all of the expert insight. My fiance and I are headed to CTI April 20th-27th for our honeymoon. I finally went to book my room today and there were no Jr suites avaiable for the time we're there. I'm sure my room will be awesome but I noticed that it does not come with the mini bar. Is there a way to get a bottle and/or refreshments in your room or is it a no-go since we couldnt book that type of room?

    thanks in advance, I can't wait to be on the beach. Especially with the recent snow storms here in Michigan

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    You have a couple of options. First, at CTI you are never far from a bar. You can make as many trips for as many drinks as you like. You can take more than one drink with you back to the room. As for getting bottles of alcohol, you can not get these from the bar to take back to your room. For this your option, if you must have a bottle in your room, on your way down, make a stop at the duty free, make your purchase and as you are past security, the duty free will meet you at the gate and give you your purchase to carry on the plane. But again, you can take as many drinks as you can carry back to your room.

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    You can buy a bottle of rum or rum cream in the gift shop, or before retiring to your room, you can stop at the bar and order a couple/few drinks to take back to your room.
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    As Vicky mentioned, your room won't be far from a bar. And as Pamela mentioned, you can get rum in the gift shop; which is what we did. We also brought a small collapsible cooler from home. Houskeeping kept it filled with ice for us. My wife likes rum and Diet Coke/Pepsi. On our way back to our room we'd stop by a bar and pick up a couple of bottles of Diet Pepsi. Luckily, we remembered to pack a bottle opener too.
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    You can add the mini-bar to your room for $35 (I believe) a day. I was offered that the last time I was there however, we decided against that option.

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    you will have enough to drink just walking around the resort...having extras in the room for the few hours that you spend in there is pointless

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