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    Default HELP Please!! :) September or October?!?

    So, now that I think I have the resort decided...I have to figure out when to go.

    Last time we were in Jamaica it was October and it was great...I was thinking of switching it up to September to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. However silly it seems to leave hot weather to be in hot weather, I'm more worried about that being in the middle of Hurricane season...

    So do any of you repeaters have any advice on the best time to go??

    Thanks all!

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    As far as hurricanes I don't think you are more or less likely to encounter them in September or October. This year October was pretty stormy, some years both are fabulous. And as for the weather at home, I'd go in July if my husband told me to pack my bag. The atmosphere is what makes it, hot at home and hot in Jamaica are not the same. I'd say go celebrate your anniversary.

    We generally go in November which is hurricane season and we always buy travel insurance just in case, nice peace of mind.

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    We went this past September for our honeymoon and the day we left is when the "tropical storm" started and I believe it rained for a couple days. We did have great weather while we were there with the only downside was we only saw one amazing sunset as the other nights were cloudy but no big deal. We are going back again this September for our 1-year anniversary so hurricane season doesn't really scare us, we just buy insurance. Plus October is technically still hurricane season too.

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    We happen to have two bad weather weeks in October two different years. Did you know that October is THE RAINIEST month in Jamaica? It is true. You can look it up. We got a lot of rain where the gardens were even flooding. That said, we still managed to a have an awesome time but we now go early summer. But other people have gone in October and had perfect weather.

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    We been to CTI 3 times and will be going "home" again this year and our visit have always been in September. Honeymoon and anniversaries. We have no control of the weather but with our stays, 1 day it rained our last night, 1 day rain for 1hr, and NO rain 1 year. We been pretty lucky with the weather in Sept.

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    my fiance and i are getting married in october and will hopefully be visiting a couples resort for the honeymoon. his aunt went last october and said it was AMAZING! so i am hoping october will be a good time and hopefully no hurricanes will hit!

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    We've travelled to CSS the last 3 Octobers and will do so again in 2011. We travel around Oct 17, our anniversary. Over the last 3 years, we have not lost a day to rain. a couple of times we have had to leave the beach early, around 3 due to rain. That said, friends of ours traveled the week before us in 2010 and did get quite a bit of rain.

    As far as hurricanes go, I monitor the NHC site, and it sure looks like there are more Caribbean huricanes in Sept than Oct. But I'm no expert.

    Don't worry about the weather, you can't control it! Book, travel and have fun!!

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