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    Default Spirit Airlines

    To all our couples family has anybody flown spirit? We've flown air jamaica, united, air tran, just looking for any experiences from trusted family members.

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    Any body?

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    We have not flown on Spirit to Jamaica, but we have to Cancun and many trips to Atlantic City. The flights were fine.

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    We flew Spirit in November and it was fine. Much better price than any other flights that I could find, even with paying for bags. We'll certainly use them again if the price is the best.

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    We went to Jamaica with them twice. They are just as good as anyone else.

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    We have flown Spirit twice out of Ft. Lauderdale non-stop to and from MB. We have never had any problems with them. All of our flights were on time, and like someone else said, their prices are very reasonable. :O)

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    We have flown Spirit and flights were fine and on-time. The only complaint I have is they charge you for everything! Even your carry on bag in addition to your checked baggage. Once I added up all the "extras" it was less expensive to fly a different airline which included checked baggage, drinks on the plane, etc.

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    I have never even heard about them , until i read this post .
    Are there fares are low as compare to others . Any one knows that ?
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    Chapman--Spirit was in the news a while back for having really low fares but then they charge you for everything...every piece of checked luggage, even your carry-on has a fee, nothing is free. If you are traveling for business and have a laptop to take along it's often a great deal...a super cheap ticket with a carry-on bag adds up to a still pretty cheap ticket. But for a trip where you'll have a lot of luggage you really have to start watching and adding, you might still get a good deal it would depend on how many of what type of bags you plan to take, maybe you break even but they have a better schedule. You just have to be aware with them that literally everything incurs a charge so you can't look at just the cost of the ticket.

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    Default Spirit Air stinks

    I have had trouble with spirit air. First flight was scheduled to go out and the pilots went on strike. (The day of) so we had to reschedule on a different carrier at a MUCH higher price. This is not really their fault but how they handled it was not good. I spent literally at least 20 hours over a period of a couple of weeks on the phone with Spirit trying to get our money back. We got money back for the flight (but this didn't come close to covering the cost of the new flights). and then they gave a $100 voucher for our next flight. Which we used towards our flights next month to Jamaica. The flight schedule wasn't good so we decided to add a day on to the trip and booked a stay in a cheap hotel im Montego bay just for the evening. We figured we would get to the hotel and go to sleep and get up in the morning and head to Couples for breakfast. Then of course Spirit changed our flight times. We get in early now. Which means we need to get a hotel in Atlanta since we are leaving out of ATL in the wee hours and then we have an entire day at a hotel in Mobay. Not allinclusive so we will need to pay for food all day.

    Hmmmmm. They gave us $200.00 credit. We spent $500.00 more on the first flight. Now we have to get a hotel in Atlanta $70.00 for this trip, cheap hotel in montego because of the orignal flight time $100.00 and food all day in Montego bay $40.00. Luggage costs $40.00 more, CARRYON fee (can you believe it?) $20.00! So Spirit is supposed to be the inexpensive way to fly??? NEVER AGAIN.

    Ok done with the rant. lol

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    We have found that their fares are actually HIGHER by the time you factor in the cost of a: checked bags, b: carryon bags, c: seat assignments PER LEG.

    The other thing that annoys me about spirit is if you opt not to pay for advance seating assignments on their website, but take your chances at the airport, you still CANNOT select your seats, as they are randomly assigned, and if you want to sit together, you have to STILL pay to select your seats. All other airlines allow you to select your seats at the airport.

    For us, we end up having to add at least $100 per ticket in fees.

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    Thanks to all with your replies!! @Chapman right now they are offering cheapest flights I can find. We are coming out of Iowa probably drive to Chicago and fly out of Ohare. Looks like flight leave around 5:30 A.M. get to Mo Bay before noon for right around 400 dollars RT.

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    I agree Jet Blue is the way to go!!! We are flying Jet Blue non-stop out of Orlando this time, and we have flown Jet Blue many times back and forth between JFK and TPA, never had an issue! They are awesome. From what everyone is saying about Spirit, they must have changed some rules/fees since we used them because we never had to pay anything extra, and we were always able to pick our seat assignments with no fee, but I know they've made changes in the past year. :O)

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    We just booked for July to CSA and flying Spirit, I have flown Spirit before and have had really not issues other then flight was a little delayed, every airline I've flown has had delays so it's hard to say Spirit is bad for that. Yes, they do charge you for everything, but if you follow the guidelines and read their policies carefully, you can have a free carry on, the second carry on is chargeable unless it's one of the "itemized" fee excluded items. I have priced out the other airlines for our trip and Spirit is literally coming in at about $350 to $450 cheaper then American, United, Delta. We don't plan to pack much, one big luggage and that's it, we figure out luggage fee will be around $100 to $135, still a lot less then $400 on the flight total.

    I'm from Canada and prefer to fly via US, if you guys thing Spirit has questionable service, just fly Air Canada a couple of times, Spirit is luxury LOL. I've flown Air Canada 4 times and every time I've had huge issues. Our choice airport out of is Detroit, we're 2 hrs from there and 2 from Toronto Pearson, and I've flown the last 5 times out of Detroit and have been very happy (knock on wood ). I've flown Delta, American, Spirit and Air Trans, I must say, we've been most impressed with AirTrans.

    Also, no one that I can find is offering the flight times that Spirit had to Jamaica, we're only doing 4 nights/5 days so I had to maximize our arrival and depart times. With this Spirit flight, we're getting there early and leaving late and it was the best times we found compared to the other airlines.

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    Have never flown Spirit to jamaica. However I flown them from NY to Ft. Lauderdale and they are the worst. They charge for everything including reserving a seat assignment. I flew with my family to FL and I made the seat assignments last minute which was a good. thing. When we got to the airport we found the flight was overbooked and they automatically bumped all the people who had not purchased seat assignments. Not to mention that there is little leg room and you feel like a sardine in a can.

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    Most of the flights we have taken to Jamaica have been cramped and uncomfortable. It appears to me that most airlines fit this description, unless you can afford first class and that is not us. Fortunately it is not a terribly long flight for us, out of St. Louis, and is at least bearable considering the destination and what awaits at the other end. Our current carrier of choice, or necessity really, is US Airways. Getting there last year included an hour and a half delay out of Charlotte. Coming back required us to be rebooked on Continental through Houston. That was an adventure in itself. I do not relish flying at all these days. I have no fear of flying, but the unforeseen delays, the hassles of getting through security, baggage fees, no space for carry ons and the poor attitude of the airline employees in general makes it all quite unpleasant. I can remember years ago when flying somewhere on vacation was a delightful adventure. Alas, I fear those halcyon days are gone forever.

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    Spirit is one of the worst air experiences ever and I fly a lot and have for years. Check in was slow and cumbersome, customer service bordered on surly. Once in the air it was fine but we now avoid them at any cost.

    We choose JetBlue whenever possible as they deliver on the ground and in the air as well as have a reasonable change fee and price protection policy.

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    Spirit is crazy as heck! I have never flown them and don't have a desire to. They charge for everything. When we looking for to get our airfare for Jamaica they sent me an email with a decent rate. When I went on to book it was decent until I wanted to chose our seats. They charge extra to pre-select your seats. They charge u to check-in luggage which everyone else does also but, you r also going to charge me for carry-on luggage. The tickets started out at about $815 but when I started adding on all the fees for all the stuff they charge extra for the price was over $1000. Yeah right! Not in this lifetime.
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    We flew with Spirit last time to Jamaica and have booked them for our next trip as well. I will agree that the extra charges for bags are annoying but it does encourage you to pack lighter (which is always a good thing for Jamaica). You can easily get away with one checked back and a free carryon. Yes, you do also pay extra to choose seats, but the one GREAT thing that I LOVE about that is that you can pay a little more per leg for what is essentially a First Class seat. It's called their Big Front Seats and is basically 2 seats where there would normally be 3. I don't know about you, but I HATE being crammed into a seat next to a stranger. For our flight, it was only $15 more per person (I think it varies, though) and IMO it's totally worth it! Consider it a splurge to get you started on a vacation where you will continue to be spoiled. The other deciding factor that made us choose Spirit over AJ was the arrival time was much earlier and departure was much later. Just the extra hours in Jamaica is worth the extra cost.

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    It's a discount airline. You get what you pay for.
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    Just had a bad experience with SPIRIT. They changed our dates by a day earlier arriving and leaving so it just wouldn't work. We're only 50 days out!

    They had already changed our dates once from Guatemala to Ft. Lauderdale which we'll deal with by spending an extra night in a hotel, but come on, I'm not changing the dates of the Couples trip!! So, the nice fellow on the phone was quick to refund our money and we got a new flight on AJ. Not as nice a flight time, but what are you gonna do?

    I won't do SPIRIT again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cabezon View Post
    Just had a bad experience with SPIRIT. They changed our dates by a day earlier arriving and leaving so it just wouldn't work. We're only 50 days out!

    They had already changed our dates once from Guatemala to Ft. Lauderdale which we'll deal with by spending an extra night in a hotel, but come on, I'm not changing the dates of the Couples trip!! So, the nice fellow on the phone was quick to refund our money and we got a new flight on AJ. Not as nice a flight time, but what are you gonna do?

    I won't do SPIRIT again.

    Not defending Spirit just wanting to be realistic, this stuff can and does happen on all airlines. Last October AirTran rearranged our flights so we had four (yes 4) minutes to make our connection in Atlanta on the way to Montego Bay. Our travel agent said this happens often enough the industry actually has a term for it..."impossible connection". We also cancelled the flight and rebooked on Delta...anyone who has flown Delta has horror stories as well and we ended up living a nightmare but on the way home so at least it didn't mess up the trip. The airlines are in control of your destiny these days, if you are flying anywhere you have to go with the attitude that you will adjust on the fly (no pun intended).

    I think the main questions about Spirit arise regarding all their fees. The answer to that then becomes a bit individual, for many it becomes expensive but for others it saves them money. Some love it and some hate it. Just go in knowing that you are literally charged for everything, get on the website or talk to a travel agent and find out what the flight is really going to cost YOU before you book so you are aware.

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