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    Default private drivers CSS

    Hi everyone I will be at CSS in April and was wondering if anyone could recommend a private driver located close to the resort. I would like to explore the island outside of the usual tour. So far I've only found drivers tht are located in Negril and thts too far from CSS

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    When you get to CSS, inquire with the guest services or the bellman that welcomes you home when you arrive. They will know and arrange a responsible and trustworthy driver for you. Don't go with anyone that is not recommended. You could be asking for trouble. We had a driver pick us up for church on Sunday. It was a great experience being with the local people during their mass celeberation.
    "Once you know"

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    Guest services will be able to provide you with a reliable driver. DO NOT go with anyone else. Have fun! We'll be there in April as well!

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    Without a doubt Paul Williams..he's great!
    We met up with him last year, after reading about him in TA.
    Wouldn't think twice about having him be apart of your travels!
    Here a link with some more info!

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    Default private driver CSS

    One driver that I can suggest at CSS is Orville (sorry, I don't have his last name or phone number). He is a regular cab driver that frequents CSS/Ocho Rios areas. The lobby staff all seemed to know him pretty well; ask for him at the front desk or with any of the bellmen. He was the second driver we encountered during our stay in Sept. 2010. We needed a ride into downtown Ocho Rios to shop for snacks/groceries. He's very dependable and trustworthy and his rates were very reasonable. He waited 3 different times for more than an hour while we shopped and even came to us on his off day. He was very personable and shared many of his thoughts and opinions with us about his life, Jamaican tourism and its affects on the economy. If you can find him, he's a great choice for a private local driver.

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