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    Default Couples 1st timers!

    I'm planning a trip in mid June and cannot decide WHERE to stay. It looks like CN would be a great choice (being that I love the beach!!) Any suggestions, advice, etc?? Also, we're in our early 30's and enjoy the nightlife! Thanks!!

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    Based on my research, CSA is the better choice for the Nightlife lovers as it is close go all the action of Negril.

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    CN is a GREAT choice. Nightlife is OK. It really depends on the guests at the time, but you will find after a day of drinking and eating and sun, you are more tired in the evening too.

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    I suggest that you read and re-read the web pages for each resort, as you do this you will decide which resort really "fits" your style. Though they are all owned by the same chain (Couples) each location is as different as if they were not the same resort. Read reviews of each resort on the message board as well and you'll start to get the feel for each resort.

    If you really love the beach you might want to take another look at CSA, most of the activity at CN revolves around the pool. But, probably one of the two in Negril will be your favorite given that's your first statement. As you look stay open minded though and see which one really calls to you. Your age is not a factor so don't worry about that, you'll fit fine at any one of the four.

    Planning the trip is half the fun so research and enjoy.

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    If you are a beach lover then CN or CSA

    We have been to CN 3 or 4 times, CSS once and planning CSA for this fall.

    No a/n at CSA and the beach is a little busier, the beach at CN is awesome, very few vendors walking by

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    Quote Originally Posted by sherrynchuck View Post
    . . . .If you really love the beach you might want to take another look at CSA; most of the activity at CN revolves around the pool . . . .
    I wholeheartedly disagree with this statement. We've been to all of the Couples Resorts for a total of 18 visits and have been guests at CN 14 times. While there have been a number of guests around the pool on each of our visits, the vast majority of guests were on the beach.
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    We loved CN! The pool was great but the beach was just as nice. The sunsets were better from the beach at CN then from Rick's.

    As far as nightlife.....wellllll.....I would not say CN is all that "happening". HOWEVER, the BEST time we had in the evening was the Bonfire night with the Acoustic Guitar player/singer. WOW!! What a Romantic, peaceful, Karma filled evening under the stars. That was probably one of the BEST evenings we ever spent in our 20+ years of traveling the Islands. BTW we are in our early 40's.

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