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    Just wondering how rough the sea is usually at CN? I have not been one to get seasick in the past, but have read some posts that make me think it could happen very easily there?

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    If you are referring to the CAT cruise you may want to get a patch from your doctor and bring it with you, everyone is different, my wife is bringing the patch for the cruise.

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    We were at CSA in October when there had just been a storm and it was a bit Jamaica terms. I get sick very easily and floating on the pads from the chairs was fun but I could only do it for a short time. We didn't do any boat rides but I think I could have done those fine. If you are there when the water is more it's normal "self" it's much more calm. I believe CN is in a cove and is move protected and tends to be more calm as a rule. My first trip to an ocean was the Pacific down the coasts of Washington and Oregon and even at the worst I've seen it Negril is no comparison...sea of glass in comparison.

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    The Bay is usually very calm! My husband is very prone to seasickness (EXTREMELY) so we only go snorkeling on calm days. The worst thing for him was night snorkeling. It is so dark, you cannot orientate yourself by looking at the horizon as you can't see it. We did the Cat Cruise during a t-storm. That was also not good. Otherwise he has done fine. Enjoy.

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    The ocean at CN is not rough at all unless there is a storm somewhere near by stirring things up ...... In the mornings it's almost like glass it's so calm but sometimes gets a little choppier in the afternoon but still not that rough. I get deathly seasick just from floating on a floatie in the calm water if too many boats go by in a row & cause small wakes but I definitely do not consider the ocean rough at all near CN. I used the patch behind your ear last trip in September when we'd go out snorkeling & did great with no seasickness but the ocean was totally calm the entire week we were there that trip.

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    You can have some 3-4' seas on the catamaran trip...anything bigger than that and the trip is cancelled because the water is too turbid to snorkel and see anything

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    I can stand on a pier and get sick.....LITERALLY! I recommend accu-pressure bands if you are concerned. THEY WORK!! I was able to go on a MANDATORY team building deep sea fishing excursion for work and they they worked. The following year I could not find them at the last minute, they were not in the drawer I thought I placed them. So I had to take Dramamine. Needless to say it did not work. It was the worst 8 hours of my life.

    The trip on the Cat at CN was not a problem for me though even without the bands. Hubby should not have a problem...unless, as others said, a storm is a 'brewin.

    Have a wonderful time!

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    Fluffin- those accu-pressure bands that work, are they the ones worn on your wrist? Is there a brand name that I should look for?

    We've never considered the Cat cruise because of my issues with seasickness. I'm very sensitive to motion and I get very seasick very easily. Even snorkeling makes me ill and I love to snorkel. If I snorkel, I have to take the non-drowsy ginger Gravol first and go out first thing in the morning before I eat anything. Then once I come out of the water, I can't go back in.

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    What kind of patch? Can you get it over the counter at a pharmacy?

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    I get seasick, carsick, you name it. Last couple cruises I have taken ginger capsules - same ones pregnant women in first tri-mester - they work very well and now drowsiness! There is also Gravol with Ginger now, which I hear is also great to take before bedtime after too many bevvies!

    I used to wear the sea-bands and still take them away but have not had to use them since finding ginger.

    Looking forward to our next Couples getaway, just don't know which one yet!

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    FYI, patch can have some nasty side effects for some.

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    We found that the best thing for seasickness was ginger root capsules...they can be found at Walgreens(with the supplements) or in health food stores...they are literally ground up ginger, in capsules...(think ginger ale, for nausea)...
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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    The bands are a thing you wear on your wrist similar to a sweat band, a narrow terri-cloth type band. There is a plastic nub you place on your inner wrist between the tendons...there will be instructions. I bought some at Walgreens once and they worked fine but the plastic nub fell apart after a couples uses. I then bought a pair at our local scuba shop and I've had them for years, those are called SeaBands. I may have just had bad luck with the ones from Walgreens, maybe they are generally just fine. They do work great though, I have a terrible problem with motion sickness and when I've worn them I've had no trouble.

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    The patches that you put behind your ear, you have to have a prescription for .... I just called my doctor's office & told her nurse that I wanted to get them & she called it in for me with no office visit .... You get 4 in a box ( I paid $20 ) - You only wear 1 behind an ear - It's good for 72 hours . The bands that you wear around your wrist you can get at the drugstore without a prescription but I've never tried them. Meds NEVER help me so was glad the patch did.

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    Pharmacy,need prescription

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    I have bought the wrist bands at shoppers drug mart 2yrs. ago for my husband after a previous trip south with sea sickness, i really didnt realize how sea sickness bothered him,i think i just took it for granted and he didnt say anything about feeling sick at the time ..i say that because he works overseas on a drill ship so it kinda surprised me he was sick he said its different being on a cat compared to a huge i'm fine on a cat and cant even think of a cruise ship makes me panic..anyways the bands for my husband was one of the best investments i made he has used them 4 times now since i bought them and they are still in great shape taking them again in feb.

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