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    Default WiFi Availability at CSA & CN

    Does anyone know where WiFi is available at CSA & CN? We will be
    staying in an Atrium Suite at CSA and wanted to know if our
    laptop will work in the room. We don't know at this time what roon type we will have at CN. We want to keep in touch with our family back in USA. Thanks for any input!

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    Default WiFi at CN

    WiFi was down for a good portion of our visit last May and the internet guy does not work on weekends. It was a real problem for me as I have my own business and cannot be without connectivity for days at a time. Apparently others were also affected and needed access.

    The tech actually came in on the weekend and reset the servers. no more problems. They went the extra mile and it was appreciated!

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    At CSA I've been told the wifi can depend on your location. We had a beachfront verandah suite and we had access in the room and on the verandah.

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    We had a GVS close to the greathouse and had decent wifi on my itouch for the whole week. It worked about 80% of the time in the room. I tried it on the beach and it didn't work at all.

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    I took my laptop all over the resort. I had great signal everywhere. I used skype sitting at the beach bar to chat with the kids back at home one morning.

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