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    Default Help on calling out!

    We are making our first trip to Jamaica in Feb on our honeymoon!
    We are staying at CSA, and were wondering about calling or emailing. We own a business and are worried about not being able to have contact with anyone. We are from MN and have cell phones but we were told that they won't work due to the towers. Is there internet access and a computer we could use or what is the best and most cost efficent way to call out?

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    Calling card.

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    JMK, we have younger children and it was important that we talk to them in the morning and at night before they went to bed. I brought my laptop and Skype them without too much issue. We stayed at CSS and the wireless for the most part was pretty good. At times it was patchy but it served our purpose and put our mind at ease for the day and night activities.

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    All the resorts have an internet lounge with free access to computers and the internet. That is how we keep in touch with our kids.

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    We stayed at CN a few weeks ago. It is $1 per minute to call direct from your room. They do not sell calling cards on site, so you would have to purchase those before you go. We skyped from our room as well. We video skyped and verbal skyped and those worked okay as well. I did not think $1 a minute was bad though as we were just checking in with the kids so a 3 or 4 minute phone call once a day.

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    We brought our netbook, had wireless access from our room at CSS and skyped home to the kids.

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    Not sure what phone you have, but I just downloaded iCall for my iPhone. As long as there's WiFi, I can make a call anywhere for (virtually) free.

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    Congrats on your recent wedding. You will love CSA. There is an internet cafe in the Great House on the second floor. My husband and I spent out Honeymoon at CSA last year. We are returning this Feb also. Just saw that you are from Minnesota also. Maybe we will see you there.


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    There is a calling card available in the gift shop called "JusTalk" that is a prepaid card and is very reasonable. We have used them for all our trips to CSA over the years. You have to ask for them at the counter, they are not out on display as they are pre-loaded with calling time. They are easy to use from your room. They will also incur a connection fee of a dollar or two for each call, but beyond that they are a very inexpensive way to call home. As mentioned already wifi is available for email or skype with your own computer or terminals are available for you to send and check email. Also, if you leave the number for CSA with the folks at home they will be able to reach you as well if need be. Our daughter called us at CSA on our first trip to check up on us. She was 12 at the time and made the call with no help from anyone.

    A note of caution: do not make collect calls or calls using a credit card. These are very expensive and there have been some horror stories about huge phone bills waiting for folks at home after using these alternatives.

    Have a great trip! You will love CSA.

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