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    Default What to wear at CSA?

    What do most people wear at CSA?

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    Bathing suits or some ladies half a bathing suit

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    From the FAQs:

    What should we pack?

    You should pack lightweight cotton clothes due to the heat and humidity. In the evening resort casual or semi-formal clothes are required (see “what is the dress code” question). All other times normal summer and swimwear attire is appropriate.

    If you plan to go horseback riding long pants are recommended. For golfing, typical golf club attire is required. Note: if you plan to go into town or tour the countryside it is not appropriate to wear only beach attire.

    Pack a carry-on with a change of clothes, swim wear and cover-ups, your normal toiletries, any medication that you might be on. This way if the checked luggage gets lost or does not make a transfer you will at least have something to change into.

    A waterproof disposable camera is suggested if you plan to parasail, snorkel, scuba dive, swim with the dolphins at Dolphin Cove, or go on the Catamaran cruise. Also bring additional memory card for your digital camera as you won’t be able to use Internet Café computer to download your images.

    Bring your favorite beach read. Couples Resorts host small book exchange shelves where you can borrow something to read and you can leave your finished book for other guests to enjoy.

    What is the dress code?

    During the day normal summer and swimwear attire is appropriate.

    Beach Grill:
    Swimwear is permitted.

    Breakfast and Lunch:
    Swimwear must be dry and covered. No bare feet. Shorts / t-shirts / flip-flops are most common.

    Gourmet restaurants and repeat guest dinners: Semi-Formal*– summer or cocktail dress and sandals, or skirt and nice top for women. Dress pants, khakis, shirts with sleeves and collar and dress shoes for men. Jacket not required. (Elegant dress sandals are allowed). Jeans, shorts, sneakers, flip flops are not permitted.

    Other restaurants:
    Resort Casual - shorts with a nice shirt/blouse and sandals are allowed.

    *I wish Couples would remove the "semi-formal" designation. The FAQs contain a disclaimer indicating that all information presumes U.S. citizenship, and in the U.S., "semi-formal" for men means a suit. The dress code at Couples is casual; khakis, a polo shirt, and sandals are not semi-formal dress.
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    I'm afraid I must disagree with Pamela (at least as far as what I understand her post to mean)....I know she knows everything (as her tagline usually reads), but I think that while khakis and a polo are great, if you're looking to feel comfy at CSA your best bet is the following (YMMV):

    Days - bathing suit of choice and sarong coverup or shorts and tshirt for women/men for breakfast at the Palms. For Patois, please see the lunchtime coverup. If you choose to have breakfast in your room, just be sure to have your robe on when the waiter knocks!! :-)
    Days - lunchtime coverup (for women sarong at the waist for the Palms and Cabana Grill, full coverup for women and men at Patois - sundress or shorts and t-shirt)
    Dinner - non-reservation restaurants (the Palms, Cabana Grill) - shorts or whatever makes you happy (not bathing suits)
    Dinner - Feathers - collared shirt and trousers and closed toe shoes for men, dressy sun dress or skirt/cami or capri/cami for women (don't forget the shawl for the AC)
    Dinner - Patois - a little more dressy than the Palms (if you want), but not as dressy as Feathers
    Dinner - Lemongrass - dressy is nice - again, a sundress/etc for women with nice sandals (not rubber flip flops) and for men, shorts are now OK, but (although you won't be turned away), please refrain from shorts and t-shirt). I think this may be my own sartorial comment.

    Anyway, you'll find at CSA that the vibe is casual elegance with an island flair....

    I hope you enjoy your time there!

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    My post quoted the FAQs. It wasn't my personal take on what is appropriate. The only personal opinion I posted was my dislike for the incorrect designation of the dress code for the gourmet restaurant as "semi-formal."
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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