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    I can't find the info on this website - hoping somebody can help.

    How many courts are there?
    Are they usually busy?
    Is there a charge for lessons?
    How are the "tournaments"? Are they competetive?
    How is the pro? I've heard he's a good guy....
    Do we have to sign up in advance?

    We're looking forward to out vacation at CSS 1/27 - 2/1!!!

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    There are two courts and drills run everyday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. starting with beginners, then advanced players. No charge for the drills. It can be busy if there are a lot of players on property. They have a doubles tournament on Thursdays if there is interest. Competitive depends on the skill level of the players who are at the resort when you are. Never noticed private lessons but they could probably be arranged, not sure if there is a charge. Couples has a visiting pros program so there will be the resident pro (who is a nice guy)and possibly a visitng pro on site when you are there. They also have open tennis at 4:00 each day but never checked it out, that is prime time at the swim up bar.

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