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    Default 11/11/11 booked?!?!?

    Hi everyone, I am having a wedding during this popular time and guess what I have procrastinating guests who have not booked. I tried to check on rooms today for this time frame and it appears to be booked!? I know I should expect this, but.... My own mother hasn't booked yet! 8 other couples have booked, plus me and the groom, so we are only needing one more room for my mom. Holy cow. I hope by sheer luck surely a room will come available for her?!? AHhh please cross your fingers for me. I might need to change resorts or something. But how much hassel will that be for my other guests, and not to mention the extra cost that will be coming out of my pocket to fix this for everyone! Oh wow. Support, comments, suggestions.
    Thanks so much - Stacie

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    So my thoughts.. if they are going to go, call your travel agent and book for them (putting down the $100 deposit for each).. that way any rooms that are available they can have.. the only problem I see is knowing when they are traveling.. then forking up the money for the deposit. YIKES... or check to see if they can stay at Negril's resort and still come to swept away for a few days for the wedding etc. or stay for a shorter period of time? I'm not sure what else they could do?? Keep us posted!!!

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    Someon in my group didn't book until Tuesday this weeka and she was able to get a room just fine. I think there are still rooms. Don't panic yet!

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    call Couples reservations directly. there are times when a travel company sells out of their allocated rooms. to find out true availability call Couples. they will assist you anyway they can.

    it's all about the kids

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    Thanks for all the help everyone! Everyone but one couples has booked but all immediate family are now secured! Thank goodness that was silly, unneeded stress lol. We are all going to have such an amazing time, and this place is going to be hoppin!

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