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    Default June 10 -19-2011

    Who will be there?

    Little Red and I will be there for our third trip to the greatest place on earth. The staff makes this place very special. Words can't explain the beauty of the resort. It has a special feeling which you can only know once you have been there. The special alone time I get to spend with my wife of 32 years is priceless. We have meet some very great people from around the world who are now very close friends. A couple Lyn and Jan from Wales are very special to us. However, this year they may not be able to make it. It won't be the same without them. They are ETF on the message board. To all who read this message board and are thinking about going it is truly one of a kind place. You can choose to everything that the resort offers or do nothing. The food is excellent and the atmosphere is second to none. I can never thank Tommy (aka)Tommywommy on the message board for telling me about SweptAway. Well the countdown is on going. We have 246 days until we return.

    Ya all take care,
    LP and Little Red

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    Well said! see you there June 8th - 16th

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    ETF and Jan are going to make it Wooohhhoooooo. Booked for June 4th - 18th. Cant wait to get back home. Looking forward to seeing LP and Little Red again. I must warn you all that during the month of June the VX rum is reserved for Larry and myself. However, there are plenty of other drinks available as CSA has the best selection I have seen at an AI hotel. Come to think of it CSA has the best of everything at the hotel. Guess thats why we keep wanting to go back. As Larry stated, until you go you dont know what your missing. But beware once you go you dont want to go anywhere else.

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    Lyn & Jan,

    Sorry for not responding sooner but my password was acting up. You just don't know how excited Little Red and I are about you coming back to CSA when we are there. Please send me your address by way of email so we can send you two a Christmas Card. The present you gave us was more then we ever expected. Well the count is 187. We think we can hold on until then It will be tough. I believe that Appelton is planning to increase it's production of VX for the month of June.

    Take Care,
    LP & Little Red

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    My husband & I will make our first trip June 11-18. We are very excited about this trip. Hope to meet new friends to celebrate my birthday! We cant wait.

    Terri & Brad

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    My wife and I will be returning to CSA for our 2nd visit. We will be there June 8th - June 18th. Should be sitting on beach for sunset the 8th! Hope to meet up with some of you around piano one night. We are from Nebraska.

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    Default June 10th-19th

    Wayne and Lil will be there for 10 glorious days.Our 3rd trip. Our last trip was in Sept. last year during tropical storm Nicole. Not to good a trip. Hope to make up for it this year!

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    Joe and Tina will be there june 11th -june 19th for our 20th anniversary on the 15th. last time we were in jamacia was 20 years ago in runaway bay. cant wait to see negril. see you guys in a few weeks...

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