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    Default pricing advice from repeaters please

    I'm looking for advice from repeat customers. In your experience does the price for the hotel ever go down, or is the best price you're going to get available early? I'm looking to go this December so I'm wondering if I should book now or wait. Thanks for your help!

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    Book now. Early pricing are almost always the best

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    You can reserve now at the existing prices, and then it by chance there is some promotion that offers a better pricing, Couples will honor that new rate/promotion without any penalty, anytime before 45 days till your selected date. Even if you were to cancel, they will refund your deposit. Watch for the Wednesday specials as that most likely would be your best opportunity to find a better pricing. It's all good...

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    In most cases early booking will get you the best price. If you wait you will pay the new prices soon to be put into effect for this year. If you book soon you will at least get last years prices, even for a December trip. There are also specials that come up every year. Watch the message board for announcements and check the "special offers" tab at the top of the page. You can almost always find some sort of deal or special pricing for a trip that far down the road. Waiting till late in the year will most likely not be a benefit.

    Good luck!

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    Prices are very stable, and it will be announced before they go up. So wait until you can get a flight and then book both together.

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    I book early also to get a good air flight. Prices will be going up and if you wait too late, you can't get the times you want.

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    I think Winlove has the best advice. We have been to CN 9 times, always booking as soon as we return home. Last year was a perfect example of what can happen.

    We booked two weeks, and due to the unknown n the economy, for the first time ever I spent the extra money for trip insurance allowing cancel for any reason. We booked in Feb 2010 for a jan 2011 trip at a very fair price, and it included the $500 resort credit.

    I am an addict to the board, so I always see the Wendsday specials. Well in September they posted a special for CN at the time we were going. To make a long story short, I canceled, and rebooked. I saved $840 for a 2 week trip, more than making up for the $500 credit I gave up.

    I will never book a trip again without spending the $78 for trip insurance including cancel for any reason.

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    We are going in May and have had it booked for well over a year now. When we got back from CSA last time it was depressing. We immediately started saving for our next trip. When they announced the 2011 rates would be going up, we booked that day using the 2009 rates and just added the flights once they were available. Then added a $500 credit later through a special promotion. By booking ahead of time, we were able to add an extra night for less than our previous trip total. You will want to return so always look on here and go ahead and open a savings account.

    One thing I do is check flights to MBj monthly so I always know what prices to expect and when to book when they get as low as I think they might go. It helped alot this past time and I was able to save $250 from our previous flights. Book early to assure the times work best for you. We like to leave early in the morning and arrive in Jamaica around noon. We usually go to bed early that night to rest up for the week. Then on the return flight we try to leave after lunch and get home around 9-10. You get the most out of your trip this way. I heard several people say they flew in too late or had to leave too early and you can lose up to a day in paradise that way.

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    Hi Steve & Cindy, where did you get cancellation insurance for any reason for $78.00. That is a great deal. Thanks.

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    Ditto what winlove says, I have actually saved a couple hundred dollars by doing this. I also suggest the insurance when booking that far out, you never know what may come up between now and then.

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    Thank you all for your advice. Just one more question, can you get the possible refund or lower price only if you book directly thru Couples? For example, if I booked thru Orbitz would Couples work with me or would I have to go by Orbitz rules?

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    Book early!

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    We've already booked for December because don't think that it's going to get any cheaper for that time & we REALLY REALLY REALLY want to spend Christmas in Paradise .... Will continue to watch the Wednesday Specials & any other specials that come between now & 45 days prior to travel to see if something comes up cheaper or with some added perks. This is the first time we've booked this far ahead & normally book a package with air included but it's going to cost pretty much the same as what we've paid in the past so I'd say book before the rates change in March & get the air later.

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    We've been booking a year or more in advance the last few years... but that is because of some remarkable pricing in effect at the time. This means that we have to manage the air portion separately, but that's never an issue.

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