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Thread: CSS Early Jan.

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    Default CSS Early Jan.

    NIce to be on the new board.Great job.

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    Default I am on here!!!

    I think I will like this once I figure it out.

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    Default jehlendt-When are you going to CSS

    Hope you get the MB figured out.I had a little trouble also.When will you be at CSS?There is a thread for Early Jan. on the old board.I started this one because it is my understanding that the old threads will not transfer over.

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    Hi Seple,
    John and I are arriving on January 2 and leaving on the 9th. Seven days in heaven! Can't wait! Kind of stinks that none of the other posts transferred over, but that is okay. -Johnna

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    Default Hey Johnna

    Of course I know when you are coming.For some reason I did not connect the jehlendt with you guys.Thought we had someone new.Hope all is well.We are down to 183 days today.I am working on getting some of the old pictures I have from Sans Souci in 1994 and 1996.They aren't scanning well.I am determined to get them posted.

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    I know, I changed my name. I originally did cjemom because I thought I would be the only one posting, but then John started posting under me so I thought I should change it to something not so girly. HeeHeeHee!

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    And I appreciate that greatly dear!! How many days to Jamaica!!!????

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    Default Very Sweet John and Johnna

    It is as of today 180 days to CSS.You 2 are not far behind us.
    Looks like we will be on the Goodbye bus with you.Our Jamaican son willspend time with us in Mobay on the 9th,then we will come back to Sunny Southern California on the 10th.Let's load up the bus with plenty of Red Stripe and Reggae and talk about our next time back to the Island.

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    Default Red Stripe

    I'm sure you won't have to twist our arm on that idea Seple! Being tht this is our first time getting out, we are hoping that the experience at CSS will leave us wanting to come back again.

    We are currently wondering if we should bother with bringing our laptop with us. We are going to be in G block and wonder if we will get a wireless signal. I have a Sprint card, but since it's outside the US I'm not sure ifit will even work. Then I worry about it coming up missing while we are out of the room. Anyone have an opinion on the subject?

    We hope eveyone had a great Independence Day weekend!! We were fortunate enough to have spend our long holiday weekend at the lake....sun, fun and beer....not necessarily in that order! It doesn't get much better!


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    Default HI John

    We had a great 4th also.We spent the weekend on our boat in Mission Bay.It is always nice to be on the water.
    In response to your question-I never take my lap top on vacation unless I plan on working.This time it is staying at home.From some of the other posts I have read,it does not sound like you will have a problem getting a connection.
    I will bring my cell phone,But will have it in the safe.Last time it fell out of my purse on the shuttle over to Timair,and I never saw it again.I did not even notice it was gone for a full 24 hours.By the time I reported it lost,there were over $400.00 in charges.Hard way to learn a lesson.This time it will go from the suitcase to the safe.

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    Sorry so long to reply. Busy busy busy around here! Glad to hear you had a nice 4th.

    Thanks for the info about the laptop. I guess I'm just addicted to and pleasure. Thought it could be handy to research activities, but I guess we should have all that done before we get there!!! It could also come in handy with keeping up with how are son is doing while we're away. No way it would fit in a room safe I figure. Oh well, cell phone will have to do!

    Thanks again for the info. We are SOOOO ready to get there!


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    Default Bummer

    This is so very hard to write.Looks like Ken and I will not be able to come to my beloved Sans Souci.I can not ever say Jamaica is home-because that is not where I live,and I leave that respect for the people who live with it everyday-rich or poor.But it has always been a special place in my heart.
    I do not know if I will ever be back.Ken and I were married in Negril Jan.7th,2008.We have known each other for 35 years and have been togeather for 8 years.I am sad to say that we will not be togeather for much longer.
    This is about all that I can write at this time,as it is just to emotional.Divorce is never easy.I wish nothing but love and respect for all of you who Ihave had the pleasure of meeting on this beautiful Island.
    Please continue to love each other,and be happy.

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    Seple, we are so sorry to hear your update. Divorce is never easy and I hope you have a great support group to get you through this tough time and one day you will be able to come back to Jamaica with only great memories and no heartache.
    We are sorry to hear you are not coming, John and I were looking forward to meeting the two of you. First drink we have will be for you!

    John and Johnna

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    Default Thank you

    John and Johnna,
    Thank you so much for the kind thoughts.I was so looking foward to meeting you all as well.
    I too hope some day soon I will be able to return.The Island is so dear to me.
    Thanks so much for having the drink for me-please make it a Red Stripe.Even though we can find it here now with no problem-the first time I went to Jamaica that was the first drink I ever had there.And you could not buy it here at that time.I had never heard of it.I guess being a good ole Texas girl-I will always love my beers.
    You two have a wonderful time.

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    Anyone still here on the board?

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    any one be there on jan/ 8 /18 texas here

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    Jim & Judy,
    Looks like we'll there together for a day. Johnna and I(John) will be leaving on the 9th. 24 days and counting for us!!!

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    we be there look for us most of the time we be over at SSB

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    Just booked today! Jan 5-14th!

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    Congrats renee_ron13!!!! We've been looking forward to this trip for so long, it's hard to believe it is THIS close. See you guys there!


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    Only 16 more days! What a way to destress after the holidays!

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