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    Default Suggestion on coffee purchase

    I have searched the threads a bit but still need some more help - I would like to buy some coffee when I'm at CN in 2 weeks and would like to know how to get my best value. Should I take a QUICK shooping tour (and take away from the beach, food and drinking ) or should I just pick it up at the airport? I'm not sure if the airport pricing is really bad or not and looking for some advice.


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    Buy it in the airport on your way home.

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    Default Airport

    I second the airport suggestion. We also buy rum in the airport on the way home. We pick direct flights and don't have to re-check our baggage once we get back to the US.

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    I don't know what they charge at the airport but we have never paid more than $16 per pound for coffee in town. We always enjoy the 2 hours of shopping in town. I guess it depends on how long you are staying at Couples. We are there for 8 nights and enjoy a break from the beach.

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    Buy it either at the resort, or at the airport which is just a little cheaper. Both places sell Jamaican Coffee Board approved coffee, which is important! DO NOT buy coffee from the beach vendors, for example, and definitely NOT from the craft market across the road from CN!! I learned the hard way..bought some from the market and it was so undrinkable that I ended up throwing THAT away! Thank goodness I had bought some from the resort before I left! The airport duty free stores sell Wallenford (good brand) for example, and the Couples Resorts sell Coffee Traders Ltd. brand, also great! I only have two pounds left, therefore we're going to Sans Souci in late April, to restock and to check out that resort as we've only been to CN and CSA. Can't wait! Everyting's irie!!

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    We found the Sunshine shop on the shopping trip to have better prices than the airport. the shopping trip is only a couple hours long.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I have read in previous posts that Jablum is one of the best Blue Mountain coffees. Just beware of coffee being sold in burlap bags. The bag might say Blue Mountain coffee on the outside but it hides the real package on the inside and there can be some really bad coffee in there. Been there done that and we won't make that mistake twice. The next time we buy coffee in Jamaica we will only buy it if we can actually see the real package so we can check for the Blue Mountain authentic label.

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    I got some at the gift shop at CSA because I didn't want to go on a shopping trip. I didn't know the prices but I was only buying one bag as a gift and I would rather give my money to Couples than the airport vendors. I suspect there were better prices elsewhere but it was easy to pick some up while I was getting some other gifts there.

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    weluvjamaica--much of the "approved" coffee is in the burlap bags so don't let that stop you. A couple things to note when you buy coffee...look for the seal that says it is certified blue mountain, also look closely at the label to be sure it is BLUE mountain not high mountain or a variety of other types of coffee or even a blend of as they will not have the same flavor. Here is a link to the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica just for some interesting reading.

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    Default Coffee

    We were at CN last Feb. and took an excursion one evening to a small shopping "mall", Negril lighthouse and Ricks. We purchased our coffee at the "mall" and was able to bargain w/price because we purchased 6 bags. Depending on quantity, you may want to try this as well and I doubt that you can bargain at the airport. Just a suggestion since it worked for us

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    I bought Jablum from Couples and it was great. I noticed that some things were much cheaper in town but some stuff wasn't. So we go a few items from the gift shop and from the shopping trip. I figured it would all beat the airport but maybe not.

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    The awful coffee I bought at the market across from CN was also about $15/lb. and as I said it was truly undrinkable..lots of husks and dust and hardly even TASTED like coffee. Did you buy yours as a gift or did you get it for yourselves, and have you actually tried it? I know the coffee at the resort and airport is about double that, but IMHO it is SO much better and definitely worth the $32!! I think it was $26 at the airport duty free.

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    Default randijean46

    We look for Jablum 100% Blue Mountain coffee and we buy it in town. We usually buy about 10 lbs so they are real good about giving us a good deal. We use it sparingly and make it last for the year before we can go back and get more. We love blue mountain. We got it in Ocho Rios already for $13 a lb in town.
    My husband loves to shop for the best price.

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    Randijean - you can get true Blue Mountain Coffee for $16 per pound on the shopping trip. Not to the craft market, but the shopping trip where they take you to the mall. Look for: Wallenford, Coffee Traders, or JaBlum and you will be getting the real stuff.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    The best place that we've found is the local grocery stores. It's much cheaper. usually there is one close by the "mall/tourist" shopping center that they drop you at and you can walk over to it. We buy jerk sauce, hot sauce, and coffee there. It's for the locals and the prices aren't marked up as they are at the airport and shopping center.

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    Just back from Jamaica. Coffee at the airport cost $24- wallendord ( per pound ), and $26 for Jablum. We always buy at TownSquare shopping mall, and pay approx $ 16 a pound . We buy about 8 pounds per trip, so the short trip to TownSquare was worth it . ( It will cost you $5 round trip to get a Taxi to Townsquare if you do not want to do the shopping trip ).

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    THANKS for the help! I feel I'm prepared for my coffee purchase. The stuff is expensive but oh so good!!!

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