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    My husband and I will be visiting Couples Sans Souci and Jamaica for the first time at the end of March. It is our 10 yr. anniversary. What are some "must do's" or "sees" during our stay?

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    Default Must Do's!

    Dolphin Cove is a little bit of a rip off. We visited our 1st trip in 2002. When they say `Pet The Dolphins` They mean stand on a dock and a dolphin swims by. If you are fast enough you get to `Pet` one as it swims by. The resort is sooo nice you will not want to leave anyway.

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    Dunn's River was great. I do regret not trying Sunset Beach. We did, however, visit Sunset Beach after 5:00 when it was open to all. Got some great sunset pictures. I agree with mark527 about the resort being awesome ... is truly one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

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    You must relax and enjoy the resort and each other. do as much or as little as you feel like at the time. I think most of us do much less than we anticipate. Enjoy.

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    We have been to both San Souci and Tower Isle. Dunn's River is a must but make sure to do it on a day when the cruise ships are NOT in port. The zip line tour was fun and you get to see beautiful foliage and a river as you soar through the tree tops. The staff were well trained, the equipment in good condition and we felt very safe. Horse back riding on the beach was also a lot of fun, the saddles are removed and you actually ride in waist deep water. My husband had never rode before and it was hysterical. A massage in the huts overlooking the cliffs is a must. A private dinner on the beach or in the Wedding gazebo would be a nice way to celebrate your anniversary but its a little pricey($150.00). And if your interested or adventurous, you should definitely try SSB, the au natural beach. If this is something that interest you, don't wait until the last day to try it. Make sure to eat dinner in each of the restaurants and both the Gala and the beach party are amazing. You will have a wonderful trip. San Souci is one of the most romantic and beautiful places I ever been.
    Best wishes!

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    Dunn's River Falls.It's included in your stay,Try to go on Sun.when no cruise ships are in port.It was a fun trip and although I thought I would have trouble climbing the falls it was no problem.Also if you eat at Casanova try to dine on the terrace.It is very romantic.

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    We were just there in May. You MUST enjoy a "Miami Vice" drink at one of the bars. What a way to enjoy a great beach resort!!
    Have fun.
    Mike & Martha

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    Quote Originally Posted by bowlcoach View Post
    We were just there in May. You MUST enjoy a "Miami Vice" drink at one of the bars. What a way to enjoy a great beach resort!!
    Have fun.
    If you want a very quick buzz, try a Bob Marley shot. All I have to say is lighter fluid...


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