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    Default Prime Minister Suite Upgrade or Not??

    I booked my trip to CSS in March 2010 and I chose to book the the penthouse. My question is at the time that I book my trip the Prime Minister Suite was considered under the same catogory as all of the other penthouse. Now however the prime minsiter suite has been singled out from the other suites and has been made to be a stand alone room catorgy like the cottage. When I go to CSS in April do you think that I can ask for that room at the front desk or would I have to pay an upgrade fee? Personally I dont think I should have to pay an upgrade fee if at the time that I made the reservations the prime minister suite wasnt considered a separte room category. Any opinions

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    Even though that room was in the same category at the time you made your reservations it doesn't mean you would have been put in that room upon your arrival so in a way it's a non-issue...seems to me a weak argument. It's now in a different category, if you have your heart set on it upgrade and pay. April is likely to be busy and it's the only room of its kind so you aren't likely to get it by waiting until check-in, regardless of whether they make you pay which I'm guessing you will have to do.

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    I think one problem is that someone else might book it during the time you are going to be there. I would call to ask since none of us will probably know for sure.

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    Hey marguline,
    I'm in the same boat. I booked last July for June of this year. I was hoping for the PM Suite too. When I found out they placed it in a seperate category, I got online and was going to try to upgrade.... then I discovered it was going to cost an additional $2400 just to upgrade. That's not much less that what I paid for the whole trip. They have priced it pretty close to the Hibuscus Cottage price, which unfortunately is out of our price range. This will be our first trip to Couples, so I can't say weather the upgrade would be worth the additional amount, but it's hard for me to imagine it could be that much ($2400) better that the other Penthouse Suites. If I could afford that, I think I would go ahead and book the cottage.

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    Wow 2400 is way more then I would want to spend. I am nearly done paying for my trip so I guess I will have to cross the prime minister room off my list of possible room choice. When are you going to CSS? I will be there in April 17-24

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    jtlooney24, I would stick with the Penthouse and not fret about the Prime Minister Suite. Chance were slim that you would have gotten it anyway since there's only one. We've stayed in a Penthouse in Buildings E & D. D was our favorite but both were worth the minimal extra cost. As I'm sure you have read on this message board, you won't spend much time in your room. Smart move booking a Penthouse at CSS, it's the best bargain of all the Couples resorts, and I hope it stays that way.
    You will love any Penthouse you end up in and you will love CSS.

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    Yea... WOW is what I said too! We will be there June 18-25 for our 10 year anniversary. CAN'T WAIT! If you remember, can you let us know how your trip goes on the MB? I would love to hear your review and look at your pictures. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the advise. I was a little disappointed about the PM Suite but I'm over it now. I think I will try to request the D block though, I've heard a lot of great things about that block. I'm just ready to be there! Can't wait til June! Thanks again!

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    The main difference between the PM suite and the other Penthouse suites is that the PM has a large jacuzzi tub in the bedroom and the balcony is totally private

    Is is worth the additional cost IMHO no

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    Oh I most definitely will take as many pictures as I can. I've been reading the message board since I booked by vacation so I know how important pictures are to other readers.

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    wow! I would love the PM suite, but that's pricy.

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011

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    marguline: I have sad news: my sister booked the Prime Minister Suite April 17-22 (no additional Penthouse Suites available!!!). I wouldn't be too upset: all of the Penthouse suites sound amazing! Good choice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kcares View Post
    marguline: I have sad news: my sister booked the Prime Minister Suite April 17-22 (no additional Penthouse Suites available!!!). I wouldn't be too upset: all of the Penthouse suites sound amazing! Good choice!
    lol maybe your sister will be ever so kind as to let me peak my head into her room to see what I am missing? nontheless good for her I hope she has a wonderful time. Oh and by the way thanks for the heads up. At least I know not to ask for the room at check in time

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