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    My husband is scuba certified and is wondering if he can dive for free once everyday at CN? Or is the two-tank dive just a one-time thing?

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    You can dive twice a day every day , one in morning and one in the afternoon ,on Saturday there is only one 2 tank dive in the Morning
    4 more sleeps and I will be diving with Sugar and the boys, for 2 glorious weeks of CN

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    If you are certified diving is completely free.

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    If your husband is certified he can dive twice a day free. The dives are at 9am and 1:30pm. On Saturday there is a 2 tank dive in the morning. There is also a night dive that is the only dive you will have to pay for and that is $50. The night dive is on different nights during the week. In April 2010 I went on Tues. night and in Nov. 2010 we went out on Sunday night.

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