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    Default What to do and what to bring to CN

    Due to so many overwhelmingly positive responses to my Questions about CN post, we booked right away and will be heading to CN in March! Thanks to all who responded and made the decision so easy. Any advice about what to bring and what we should definitely do while there would be very welcome! This is our first all inclusive and we'd love advice from those of you who've been there. Anyone else going to be there in late March and early April this year? We'd love to hear from you...Thanks again, Tim and Tam

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    The most important advice I can offer is don't bring to many "day" clothes. You will be in your swimsuit most of the days, unless you do an excursion. Even then just bring one outfit for an excursion and one outfit for going home. Also bring nat least 3 swin suits so ypu dont have to put on a wet suit the next day, because they dont dry out very fast. Have fun!!!!
    One Love,

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    It all seems to fall magically in place while you are there. Just relax, look around and enjoy each other.An All inclusive place is awesome but it will take you some time to realize that YES, everything is included and YES, I can have all those different types of drinks and can go out on all the boating excursions. It truly is ALL INCLUSIVE. You're gonna love it. Be excited!

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    Default what to bring and what to do at CN

    Thanks! Great advice to bring swimsuits mainly! I can't wait!

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    Boy, are you in for a treat! I think you will be there when the "April Fools" Group are there (if they still go). You will have a great time.
    Make sure your husband brings long pants and closed toed shoes for Otehite restaurant. It is not to be missed.
    Also, my husband always forgets a hat. After a couple of days in the sun, your scalp seems to burn up! Have a great trip. CN is a magical place.

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    Great advice...thanks! What is the April Fools Group, if I can ask? I'm intrigued now...

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