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    Default Reggae beach bonfire

    We are coming to CSA the last week of May.

    During my last trip we discovered a large party/bar/reggae night a little down the beach to the south. Anyone know if this is a scheduled thing or impromptu? I would love for my girlfriend to get to see it.

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    Which way is it down the beach? We will be there that same week! See you there.

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    I don't know if this is the same beach party or not but back in 2006 Elvis invited us to a beach party he was putting together. If it's one Elvis is doing it wasn't part of the resorts activities.

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    We were there in November, and there was a reggae bonfire at one of the bars down the beach. As you're facing the ocean, walk to your left....the bar was about a 10 minute walk from CSA. We didn't attend, but it seems to be a regularly scheduled event. I'm sorry, but I don't remember what day....

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    Could it be at Margueritaville?

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Sounds like it might have been either Alfred's or Cosmos. Both are great places for a meal and some music.

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    It's HOT HOT HOT

    Life is good

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    Not sure if this will be posted, but you can go to and there is a message board there much like this but discusses everythign going on in Negril. There are many posts there about the various events along 7 ile beach and in Negril for those of you that like to get off the resort sometimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach-bum View Post
    It's HOT HOT HOT
    Yeah! That dude cracks me up. We did not see him on our trip last summer though. Anyone know if he still parades up and down the beach with his bull horn? The party was always "HOT, HOT, HOT"! If he had been around last summer we might have checked it out. Maybe this year.

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    Sounds like the Seawind Thursday night buffet.
    Went a few years ago and heard it is still going.
    They have the buffet, then a reggae band, then an African drum group and then they finish up with dancing around the bonfire on the beach.
    By looking at the map, it looks to be maybe a 5 minute walk South from CSA. Hope this helps!

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    dirtleg--he was there in October when we were there, bull horn and all. Nothing personal, glad you like the guy, but we found him annoying. I enjoyed watching most of the beach vendors and found them easy enough to ignore but the bull horn was quite disturbing when we had gotten used to the peaceful atmosphere of CSA.

    We found the party to be pretty annoying and it started probably mid/late afternoon and went into the night. We were sitting on our verandah and the music was so loud I couldn't stand to even read my book. I had been napping when it started and it woke me up actually. It was so loud it literally vibrated the glass in our windows.

    I know this isn't a Couples event so they have no control so no complaint that direction.

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