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    Default From airport to CTI

    We are scheduled to arrive Friday at 16:55. I know we'll have to go through customs (Apparently it takes about an hour? WHAT?) and then head to the Couples Lounge for a while, but I don't know how often the shuttles run, is it like once an hour? SO If we miss it we're left waiting for the next one? Or are there various shuttles and they'll go to whatever resort we need them to?

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    The shuttle doesnt have a set time to leave... you will be fine and 1 Hour seems a bit steep... it really depends on how many flights come in when you arrive... we get there at 10:30 AM and it takes us less than 30 min to get through it and most of it is walking ...

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    We breezed through customs. It only took a few minutes. That is going to depend on how may planes land when yours does. There is no set schedule for the shuttle. They leave as needed, so you shouldn't have to wait more then 15 minutes. Just long enough to use the bathroom and get a drink and a refill for the road.

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    They will know when you are arriving and there will be a shuttle for you shortly after you arrive. The time in customs varies depending on how many flights are in at the same time. We have been first through before now and it took no time and another time it was up to 45 minutes. Relax and have a great time.

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    Customs can take up to an hour, but on our previous trips it didn't seem to be more than 1/2 hour or so. Maybe 45 minutes total by the time you get off the plane, get your luggage, and go through customs. The customs area was improved several years ago and is larger and more organized.

    There is not a set schedule for the shuttles, the couples lounge will check you in and make the arrangements with a shuttle operator. You probably won't wait very long at all. They will try to get at least a few couples on each shuttle and they seem to know when people are coming in and do a very good job. But hey, you'll be in Jamaica...grab a red stripe and sit back and enjoy. Don't forget to grab one for the road.

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    They know who is coming on which flight, so the driver will wait if someone else is do in shortly. We had two other couples on our bus after waiting about 30 minutes

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