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    Hi I will be at CSA from 1 Feb for 2 weeks and am looking for anyone interested in playing golf as my wife does not play.
    Look forward to hearing from anyone.

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    Hi Hugh. We will be there also for 2 weeks from Feb 2 onward. we are from Canada. My wife also does not golf. I would be interested but I am not too good. I usually shoot in 90s at home. Would be interested in going after a few days at the resort. Rob

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    Hi Rob
    Thanks for that , would be delighted to play golf with you, let me know how you think we can arrange it.

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    As my husband plays a lot when we go to Negril, sign up at the front desk the day before, for either the 8 AM or 1PM departure fore Negril Hills. The resort will bring you back. Have a great time!

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    Easy to arrange... the tough part is to find each other at the resort, but you two seem pretty bright... you'll figure that out.

    Once you hook up, just contact the concierge to set up your tee-time(s).

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Hi Rob

    Please contact me at or leave a message at reception for me, my surname is Lippiatt.
    Thanks looking forward to meeting you.


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    Hi Hugh I just sent you a e-mail. Let me know if you do not get it. Rob

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    Hugh and Rob,

    My husband, Tom, and our friend, John, will be arriving this Saturday (Feb. 5th). Both play golf and would love to get together with you guys. They will probably play at least 4 times while we are there for the week. Look them up and leave a message at reception: Tom Winters and John Gary. Hope to see you there!


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