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    Default waiting on certified marriage license

    i was married on dec 3rd, 2010 at cti. i am waiting for my certified copy of the marriage license to come in. i am just wondering if everyone else just sat and waited for it to come in to start the name changing process. i am anxious to get this done due to taxes coming up and just to have it done and finished with. any help with this is appreciated! so confused about this process.

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    i believe on the website they say it takes about 12 weeks to come in... they should ve given you a temporary license that will work for certain things.

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    I got married there on 11/26/10. I still don't have mine either. I learned that many times couples are waiting about five months to get them! However, I had no trouble using the temporary one for some of the name change process. My soc. sec. card is now in my new name, as are my insurance and credit cards. HOwever, my license can't be changed until I get the cert. with the raised stamp. GRR..

    I did find a website though that you can order like six copies for 85 dollars and would be at your home in a week. I am contemplating doing that seeing as how to change our names on our passports, we must send in a certified copy of the license.

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    We got married 10/5/10 and I still do not have mine - which I need for all of the above reasons. Many official places SS, DL, and banks here in Louisiana want the official stamped copy. It sucks...

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    We got married 10/9/10 and actually just received the certified copies Friday 1/14/11. So that's approximately 3 months from the time we left the resort. I hadn't change my name on anything before now because of the dilemma of whether or not the copy would work. With me hyphenating, waiting wasn't a big deal.

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    I just received my official certificate on monday 1/17, we were married 10/25. I was able to change my name on everything with the hand-written certificate, except the passport of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kristy View Post
    . . . i am anxious to get this done due to taxes coming up . . . .
    You don't have to change your name in order to file a joint tax return, and your ability to file a joint tax return doesn't require you to have received your marriage certificate. Simply identify yourself by the name on record with the social security office; you won't be asked to provide verification of your marriage.
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