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    Default have some CSA photos?

    We are going to CSA the last week of may. I have been before and my girlfriend has not. The website looks great but I wanted to show her just how intimate this place is. Does anyone have any photos they snapped of the exterior grounds they could share?

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    Here you go! I hope you guys have a great time!!! CSA is gorgeous!!! :O)
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    Default Go to Trip Advisor

    Go to Trip Advisor and type in Couple Swept Away. Look towards right top of the page under photos. I think there are like 2000 photos. Good luck and have a great time. We will be there for the 1st time on June 1-5. Mike

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    Send us an e-mail at and we'll send you pictures from our trip there in Dec of 2009. There's lots of pictures of the beach and the grounds.

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    Not sure if you checked, but look up trip advisor. This site has all the guests pictures and extensive reviews. Have fun.

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    Here is one of the walk ways and the reason we got lost everynight going back to our room

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    My photos are at and there is a group of all resorts from different people at

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    Look on tripadvisor. There's tons of pictures there (literally hundreds) of every single possible angle on the resort. I've never been but it feels like I have, looking at those pictures.

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    I have a bunch of CN and CSA on flikr

    Look for anything labeled Jamaica

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    Default photos

    I do. well, some. Not a lot.

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    Can't wait. 10 days to go

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    Default Twin6mike

    Where did you go to see the Alligators? I want to do that any info you can provide would be great. Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zazu View Post
    My photos are at and there is a group of all resorts from different people at

    Not to derail this fine thread, but do you recall your room number from your 2010 stay? That appears an ideal location for the Mohetoe's. Great photos, btw.


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    Here's some we shot at CSA last year:


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    Thanks for all the great pics!! I had been to trip advisor but never checked out the photos, great tip!

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    Mohetoe: We love that room, we also had it in December 2008. (4020) We also had 4120 in 2009 with a similar view. We hope either one is available next December. We are forced to be on the ground floor because of a problem climbing stairs , however we have never been disapointed in any room we have had at CSA

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